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Ok, here we go:

So for months people have been talking about which side each character will fall on in the upcoming [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). In fact, I hazarded a bit of a guess a while ago.

Anyway, according to recent "sourcing" done on Heroic Hollywood (other sites claim that the information came from El Mayimbe, which is usually reliable), the teams have been revealed.

The teams are:

Team Captain America

  • Captain America (duh!)
  • Hawkeye
  • Falcon
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Winter Soldier
  • Ant Man

Team Iron Man

  • Iron Man
  • The Vision
  • Spider Man
  • Black Widow
  • War Machine

There have also been mentions of a "double agent" on one side, but who is it? Let's analyse our characters, assuming "double agent" means that a character who is stated to work on one side is actually working for the other.

Who's The Double Agent?

It's certainly not Iron Man or Captain America.

It has been said about Hawkeye in the film that he will be neutral. The fact that he has a side here could mean that by "neutral", it's meant that his sides change and he doesn't have one particular side, but I highly doubt he'd be a double agent for Tony, given the unfilmed scene in Winter Soldier when he breaks protocol and risks his life to save Steve.

Falcon is too much of a follower to Captain America to be a double agent.

Scarlet Witch might just work with Tony. Given her hatred towards Tony, she would be the perfect person to be a double agent, because nobody ever suspects her of working for him. She could see Tony's side when he starts changing himself, as I've mentioned in my previous article.

Given Winter Soldier's history with Steve and the fact that he allegedly murdered Tony's father, Winter Soldier couldn't possibly be a double agent, unless there's a third party (Everett Ross?)

I feel like Ant-Man will find Tony more of an idol, given his rebel tendencies and his technological brain, but with Hank Pym effectively being his guardian as Ant Man, his hatred of Tony Stark might stop Scott from being on his side. Although, Hank does have a tendency for placing spies in his enemies hands (when Hope started working for Darren Cross). If Wasp is in the film, I'd assume her and Ant Man would be on opposing sides to create the idea of romances broken (a dynamic that normally would've been filled by the roles of Susan Storm and Reed Richards).

Vision would be almost entirely devoted to Tony, given Tony was his creator. Although, he could see Ton going too far and he might defect to the more morally conscious side. This could also be a way to develop the Scarlet Witch/Vision romance.

Spider Man does swap sides in the comics and I feel like he will in the film, but he won't be a double agent. He'll be defecting when he realises Tony is going too far.

Black Widow is a spy and the idea of her being the double agent is too obvious, but given her ties to Cap and the Avengers, she might just do the predictable thing and defect.

War Machine could be very devoted to the Avengers, but his duty to the American government and his best friend Tony would be even stronger.

If I had to take a pick at who the double agent would be, given evidence, the element of surprise and how I think the story will go, I'd say...

Vision will be the double agent.


So, who do you think is the double agent?


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