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Trevor Thomson
...erviewers to actors/actresses, as the "sexist" label wasn't necessarily applicable in a lot of cases, or even at all. It's getting annoying really, as these actor-types are just expecting this social change to all of a sudden happen, when it's quite likely that it either doesn't bother people as much as it does them, or people have learned to evolve, and not whine about change, but have simply initiated it through dealing. But then, I thought race relations were heading to a good place after the hoop-la in the 60's, but it turns out a lot of people are still as racist now as they were then. Perhaps some things never change, and it's up to individuals to make their lives better. Anyways, I could relate better if this was just dumb questions in general, as I sympathize with actors when in those type of situations, and not championing some social cause. There's also the idea of if something bothers you enough, maybe you should seek a different profession. But with all that being said, it's nice to see Jesse & Kristen, two actors who always look incredibly uncomfortable during any interview, good or bad, looks so comfortable together. They are clearly kindred spirits. :)

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