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We all remember our favorite childhood shows, but if you read my last post you may have been reminded of 20 shows that you had forgotten about. Now I want to ask, what if some of those shows came back?

Imagine if some of those shows that you loved when you were younger, but had since completely forgotten about, were given the reboot treatment and brought back. Now, the most probable reason that you’ve forgotten about these shows is simple: they probably weren’t actually very good. Bear with me here, I think they could come back to be better shows (or movies) than the originals. Here are three forgotten shows that I think have reboot potential:

The Tick

This is a genre that is missing right now, as Superhero comedy has been forgotten in recent years. Sure, the movies of the MCU get some laughs but they are definitely not comedies. The Tick is a comedy. Bringing the awkwardly successful hero back to TV could make for an interesting series.

This is actually not that farfetched either. About a year ago, the rumor got out that Amazon Studios was considering a revival of the show. Patrick Warburton, who played The Tick himself, recently stated that the show was very close to happening. We could be seeing The Tick again pretty soon.

Beast Wars

Remember that variation of Transformers where, instead of vehicles, all of the robots transformed into animals? How awesome was that!? We could use a good Beast Wars remake now. This could bring back some fan favorites like Dinobot and Cheetor.

With the popularity of the Transformers movies, this doesn’t seem impossible. It’s certainly not a sure thing, but whether it be a movie, cartoon or TV series, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Beast Wars pop up again.

Big Bad BeetleBorgs

This one was a personal favorite. It was basically a poor man’s Power Rangers with some comedy mixed in, and I absolutely loved it. Three ordinary kids were granted the wish to become their favorite comic book characters, only to bring their enemies to life as well. Basically, it’s every kid’s dream.

I’d say there is little to no chance of this actually ever coming back, but you never know. With the Power Rangers possibly coming back for a movie, there could be some interest in seeing something like this again. If enough people get excited for Power Rangers, this may seem like a possible move; not likely, but possible.


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