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Ronda Rousey is definitely the best female MMA Fighter of all time in the 21st century - she can beat anyone in less than a minute and she's a great actress in movies like The Expendables and Furious 7. In fact she would be perfect for the role of this five famous female tough in pop culture, first let's go with:

5. Sarah Bryant - Virtua Fighter

Sarah Bryant is one of the first female character in the classic first 3D fighting game in the early 90's (also one of the first few female blonde's fighter in FG history) and one of the few VF character's to appear in recent Dead or Alive entry as Special Guest Fighter, RR have nearly exactly the same eye's than Sarah and she's very identical to her and Sarah costume is very identical to RR Character uniform in The Expendable 3.

4. Nina Williams - Tekken

The Irish Assassin known for doing dangerous jobs around the world in the franchise and she's also an Milf, Ronda have the Dangerous chick look like her acting role as the Sheik bodyguard on Furious 7.

3. Cammy - Street Fighter

If they need anyone for the role of M.Bison daughter/clone in future season of Assassin Fist, they should cast Ronda for the role i imagine her with french braid and hell i saw an fan art on her Official IG that someone made an Photoshop images of her as the character.

2. Black Canary - DC Cinematic Universe

One of my favorite DC Heroine in the universe, Rousey would be 100% perfect for the role of Dinah Laurel Lance in the DCCU and beside Ronda seem to be a fan of wearing boots (especially the combat one) whenever she make an public appearance and imagine her doing the Canary Cry.

1. Sonya Blade - Mortal Kombat

Now that Aquaman new Director James Wan is in Negotiation to direct the upcoming Reboot of one of the best fighting games franchise of all time, he should cast Ronda for the role of the special ops agent and also an milf and hell a lot of MK Fan's want her to play as Sonya in any live action adaptation especially in the Legacy web series.


Which role should you think RR would fit perfectly??


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