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Would you take the drug? That unlocks all hidden potential from your brain? The movie, Limitless gives an eye-opening adrehline rush to all possibilities, of using the power, that is locked in a mystery vault (brain)!

What are the hidden aspects of the brain, is it a pandora's box? The flow of every day life is busy and can be repeticious in certain areas. Even keeping up with your every day life...can't always be cured by caffinated monster drinks and Vivarin. This smart pill (NZT) will take care of everything and unfortunately will induce states of withdrawl symptoms, if not commited to this life altering drug. Is it addictive? Like most things in this world...of course! It's dangerous and you can possibly die.

I know just one time...turns into hundreds of times. Addicted: to knowlege and power! Imagine...the ideal life, you are destined to live. The future and dreams in a blink of an eye. The years of torture at dead end jobs vanish!

We weren't all created the same in our mother's womb. What if we were all born geniuses? The upside, that balances the scale in a positive direction would indicate...lives would be saved! Poverty, would never exist. The downside in the negative aspect, would give us too many masters/gods trying to reign! Everybody would be running for president. The chaos in that, even has my temporal lobe buzzing!

To my understanding Edward Morra (Bradley Cooper) in the movie...will be acting in the same role in Limitless; the television series. This is wonderful news and looking forward to watching him again!


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