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The reviews are in for Fox's Fantastic Four reboot, and it turns out that the internet's predictions may well have been right. The movie holds a terrible Rotten Tomatoes rating, and is estimated to make a severe loss for the studio. But can the franchise be saved, and more importantly, should it be saved? I personally don't think that it does, Fox has tried the franchise again, and it really didn't work, it's time to let go, but I equally think that I don't want to see Marvel make a Fantastic Four film, as I feel that the characters are no longer relevant to the world of modern superhero movies. But what should be done with the franchise? I have three simple steps to restore good will for Fox, and hopefully let every party win.

Bare in mind that I think that absolutely none of this will happen.

1. Sell some villains back to Marvel

Due to the fact that Silver Surfer comics were linked into the Fantastic Four Rights Deal, Fox now owns far more villains than they would ever use. Iconic Villains are the one thing that the MCU is lacking (stop killing them! Let Zemo be in five films or whatever). The current Fantastic FOur franchise is not going to use Kang the Conqueror, Galactus or the Skrulls. Even the Silver Surfer himself wouldn't really fit into this franchise.

If they sell some of the villains they own back to Marvel, they can counteract the loss of money that will result from the current movie. Perhaps in some kind of profit sharing deal, or just a straight out sell.

This means that Fox can recuperate their losses from the Fantastic Four Movie, and there's no point holding onto characters they won't use, that they could make money by selling. Marvel also wins by fixing one of the biggest complaints about their cinematic universe, a lack of impressive villains. Kang or Galactus could also become the main villains of the MCU after Thanos. Filling a big hole.

But why not just sell everything back? Firstly, the Fantastic Four are extremely dated and no longer relevant, the Marvel Universe gains nothing by adding them except for dead weight. They would also have to somehow explain why they don't help out in every movie. Secondly, that would result in another recast of the characters, let's not do that. The cast in Fantastic Four are certainly talented and there's no need to immediately move them on. Also, my further points will explain why Fox should hold onto the rights to the Four themselves.

2. Scrap Fantastic Four 2...


Nobody wants to see another Fantastic Four film. Nobody wanted to see this one, and it was terrible, further dampening any and all interest in a fifth shitty attempt at the franchise. This film will not make money, and a sequel will surely make even less. There's no reason for Fox to persist with more Fantastic Four movies.

But what to do with the characters? There's one way for Fox to regain the favour of the people, to basically apologize, whilst still making money...

3. ... and replace it with Deadpool kills the Fantastic Four.

X Gon' Give it to them
X Gon' Give it to them

Boom! This would be the perfect way for Fox to deal with the Fantastic Four problem. Have Deadpool travel into an alternate dimension to kill them. With some Fantastic Fourth wall breaking (not apologizing for that) they could essentially say that they're sorry for the movie, which is basically what Deadpool is doing to X-Men Origins: Wolverine (the worst movie ever).

The general public is not very happy with the fact that Fox have just completely stuffed up this team, and the burden should fall upon Deadpool to express that public disappointment. Obviously this hinges on whether or not Deadpool itself is any good, but signs are certainly pointing to yes on that one. If people like Deadpool and hate the Fantastic Four, then you can bet they;ll be on board to see Deadpool take them down. And who knows, if they movie is a huge success and reinvigorates interest in the Fantastic Four, then they can think about a properly wirtten and paced sequel.

Fox gains a lot out of this, they make a profit (something the Fantastic Four sequel will not do), they get to regain some public support, and they get to keep the rights to the characters for the future.


I don't want to see this team recast and rebooted again, even at Marvel. Quite frankly I'm sick of them. Over time they've gone from Marvel's main superhero team to their Fourth (irony), and I bet the Defenders TV series will send them further down that list. Let's have some fun with this Fox. Please.


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What on earth should Fox do with the Fantastic Four? Let me know below


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