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i like godzilla, mavel, ninja turtles,and etc

As growing up, I always watch Disney Channel because I love the shows on it and I would never change the channel. I remember watching Suite Life Of Zach and Cody, That's So Raven, and Kim Possible. But this week I was watching Disney Channel with my sister and I saw many changes in that channel. The Last Time I watch Disney Channel was when Fish Hooks Appear. Later I started watching the Simpsons, Cartoon network, and Nick. But after that one week I hated that channel even more. Now here is 5 examples how Disney Channel Change.

1. The Characters are Too MEAN!!!!!

I was watching Jessie and my sister loves that show. But I saw that kids has no respect for their nanny and butler. I was like if I talk to my mom like that I won't speak forever. It's not just Jessie it's also Lab Rats they are always saying mean things, trying to beat each other, and hurting others to get to their goals. They seem to insult each other just because it's funny. I've been watching this and it is HORRIBLE! I was like in Even Steven I remember that Ren and Louis would fight, but at least they weren't trying to bring each other down and at least they help each other after their mistakes.

2. The Adults are Dumb

I realized that Disney Channel Parents never discipline their kids. For example Dog With a Blog. The two Parents act like children and they sweet talk to their kids. One Episode had their daughter Chole plug the toilet and they didn't do anything. Hannah Montana Dad would discipline Miley and her brother just like the Mom in Zack and Cody she would discipline them too.

3. why have 3 sperate channels?

now it doesn't make sense to have 3 sperate channels. Like one is coming on 5 am to noon. The rest could be boy and girl shows but no. Disney Junior is for the little kids to learn and stuff I'm Fine with that because there is basically no shows for toddlers at night. But this gets on my nerves Disney Xd is for boys while Disney channel is for girls. What the heck Disney, really? But on Saturdays they have disney xd on disney channel. I was like um.... These TWO CHANNELS ARE SPERATE FOR A REASON!!!!

4. Cartoons

With Star Vs. the Forces of Evil now announced as a Disney XD series. I'm starting to wonder why Disney is moving all their animation to Disney XD?Disney was great at in the 90's. They put every cartoon in Disney xd, Disney had recess, buzz on maggie, and etc. Not anymore all i see is Jessie, and Girls meet's world.

5. Horrible acting and Characters

Now we all have our favorite quote from the old Disney channel shows. Like "Hey There Sweet Thaaaang" or " what's the sitch" but now its just horrible the laugh track for example it comes on for unfunny things. The actors try to be funny,The jokes aren't funny, none of the actors can even act . Like dog with a Blog The big brother acts retarded, I mean how can your little sisters be smarter than you. I didn't do it im Surprise these kids aren't in jail by now by the stuff they do. enter high school with each other and their three friends, and get into all kinds of trouble along the way, especially as they try to break away from having to do things with each other. Also I look at the old Disney channel and think wow this looks like a DISNEY channel.This new one is like a younger version of MTV or VH1. its not about DISNEY its all about how to get a date. its kind of sad because children shouldn't even date at 12 to 15 years old. My little sister plays with a group of kids outside and she pushes them and Think she is the leader because she wants to be like that cool girl on disney channel. the characters have an IQ of a SLIMY SLUGS. Like really Disney your characters are so dumb its not even funny.


Do you agree that disney channel change?


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