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Hello fellow Moviepiloters, for this article i'm going to be writing on what could possibly be the highlight in the upcoming blockbuster [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870). Many films of this caliber have a highlight that have people talking and point it out to be the definitive thing in the movie. Down below are a list of options that could possibly be the highlight of Batman v Superman.

Ben Affleck's performance as Bruce Wayne/Batman

In a way Ben Affleck has to steal the show as Batman in Batman v. Superman because he still has alot of doubters out there and people still don't think he can pull of the performance as Batman. Personally I think he can rock the earth as Batman and will give a performance for the ages and will become the definitive Batman we've ever seen on the big screen. Rumor suggest that when WB executives saw a rough cut of the film they gave it a standing ovation and were particularly impressed with Ben's take on Batman in the film. Now granted it still a rumor but with all the footage and details we've been getting so far i have no doubt in my mind that Ben will knock it out the park as Batman, but i guess we'll just have to wait in see until the movie arrives in 2016.

Batman's fighting scenes

The fight choreographer for this film promised us that Batman will fight like the expert martial artist he is, here are his exact words“Now Batman is going to fight the way I’ve always dreamed seeing him fight… he’s a character so prepared in martial arts that you can do a lot of things with him, but filmmakers usually don’t go all the way with it. Even in the last Nolan movies the action scenes aren’t very good from a technical, martial arts point of view to things like choreography, filming, bad camera movements… .

“But hey, don’t get me wrong, Nolan is great, my hat’s off to him. He makes fascinating stories, but I think that he did not pay too much attention to the fights. Those are the kind of details that Zack, being so physical himself, loves preparing. I think there’s going to be a big difference when you see these Batman fights in comparison to the previous ones.”

So yeah there you have and fans have been wanting a Batman that is expert in martial arts for a while now so if this incarnation of Batman fights the way he should like in the comic books and video games well just watch out because those fight scenes could be the highlight of the film.

Fight between Batman and Superman

The fight between Batman and Superman is obviously the main attraction for most people seeing how everyone wants to see this two icons duking it out on the big screen. Seeing this two clash is going to be epic on the big screen and don't forget this film is being directed by Zack Snyder a man who knows how to handle action. Don't be surprised if this fight steals the show and is listed as one of the best cinematic superhero fights you've seen in a while.

Wonder Woman

Now Wonder Woman role in this film might not be a significant one but don't be shocked if people are calling her a "scene stealer" in all the scenes she in. Wonder Woman could very well end up being the Hulk of Dawn of Justice, just be memorable in every scene she in. Now i know that Gal Gadot has received backlash for being chosen to play the part and even to this day people are still mixed on the decision. But WB knows what there doing and they obviously saw something in her to cast her as the iconic superheroine.

Jesse Eissenberg as Lex Luthor

Jesse Eissenberg is a fantastic actor who is capable of giving riveting performances. Even though fans are mixed on him being Lex Luthor, as they can't see him giving off an indimating performance as the famous Superman villain. But don't underestimate Jesse Eissenberg as Lex, as he could probably end up being the one the critics and fans talk about the most. In a positive way of course.

DC's Trinity team up against the "threat"

Seeing Batman,Superman and Wonder Woman on the big screen for the first time ever is going to be a special moment for hardcore comic book fans as these three heroes are icons in the genre. Supposedly these three icons will team up in the final act of the film to take down whatever that could possibly threaten mankind. Rumors suggest it Doomsday, Bizzaro, robots created by Lex Luthor or possibly even Lex Luthor in his famous warsuit designed to go toe to toe with Superman. Whoever the villain is in this movie all i know is as a hardcore DC fan seeing DC's Trinity team up as one to defeat the threat is a dream come true. And this is my pick as the highlight of the whole film and the one that could get people talking for a very, very long time.

Superman dying

Now in a recent article I've made, it touches on the subject of Superman possibly dying in Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice. If rumors are true that Doomsday is the villain in this film and causes Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman to join forces to stop him, it could lead to someone making an ultimate sacrifice. I believe that person will be Superman risking his life to save humanity from the threat and in the process lose his life. If it done the right way and Superman does indeed die in the film, audiences could be touched emotionally by this and could possibly be talking about the death of Superman on film for a very long time and could be the moment that everybody talks about in the film. Now i'm not saying Superman will die, it just a theory that i thought of but if he does indeed die then watch out.

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What could be the highlight of Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice?


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