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Jonathan Clay Jr.
... yet. Also, we he have a batman the almost no one wanted. Your point about DC hitting us with two major films, Marvel does that with three to four films every year. This year alone had Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, and Fantastic Four. What I will give you though, is that they've kept their film and televison world seperate. They also have the advantage of planning in seeing what's worked for Marvel and what hasn't. I don't see that you can say that the stories tie in well because we've only seen Man of Steel thus far and the Dark Knight films are unrelated to the DCCU. I also don't see how you can say that they have female leads in the film when wonder woman is staring along side batman and superman just as much as Black widow in the Avengers all of the Female X-men and invisible woman woth their male allies. As a marvel fan i am biased but i do like and appreciate DC as well. I think overall, the teo cinematic universes aren't in any competition with each other , other than the fan created ones and the comic book film genre/market as a whole. Both CUs have different things and focuses to offer and are to be appreciated in their own right.

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