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Star breeze and Liongate have announced a partnership in the creating of one of the first VIrtual Reality (VR) games and is set to be at the front when a storm of new opportunities that come with VR technology.

With the announcement of VR headsets such as Visas or the much anticipated Occulus Rift, Star breeze and Lionsgate have set in motion the creation of a VR game based on the Keanu Reeves movie 'John Wick'. It will be a FPS game based on the action movie.

"John Wick is the perfect cross-platform property to extend into the fast-growing gaming world, and we believe that a cutting edge VR game will deepen fan engagement and accelerate John Wick's evolution into one of our next big action franchises," Lionsgate executive Peter Levin said in a statement released on the Starbreeze website.

Even Hollywood agree that VR is the next big thing and shall set in motion a torrent of VR games and movies;

All the involved studios from Hollywood and the gaming industry believe that virtual reality will soon be the next big video game platform, mainly targeting the HTC Vive VR platform, which is based on the Steam VR platform, for the "John Wick" VR game, VentureBeat reported.

The game is set to be demoed during its upsoig World Tour where everyone will be able to try out the VR technology and the John Wick demo Business Insider reports.

On another note, a John Wick sequel is ready for a September release and the game is set to promote the franchise.

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