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I love dancing,reading books,scrip-writting,watching movies and listening to music.My favourie movies and serias are :Twilight(all of them),
Laura Melkonian

Hi everyone

My name is Laura and i live in Cyprus,recently i come up with the idea to publish my own stories, in this post i am refering to "The opium of Love"

Its about a story that combins hate,cheatings,death,fear to lose the person you care and love,a love which is killing you every second of your life.A love that will fight till the end to find the truth for the past and in the same time to achieve what it wants.A story full of secrects of the past that now scar the lives of the heroes

For more detail of the storie you can see in my account at Wattpad :
or on my facebook account.

Thanks :) Hope you like it


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