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Whiplash is directed by Damien Chazelle and stars Miles Teller and J K Simmons. Andrew, played by Miles Teller, wants to be the best drummer in the world so he joins a jazz band conducted by Terrence Fletcher, played by J K Simmons. However Fletcher is the strictest teacher known to man.

If you love Jazz you'll love this film, if you don't like jazz you will still find this film entertaining. This is the most intense and nail-biting film I have ever seen. Through out the film you want Andrew to succeed but Fetcher just always gets in the way. J K Simmons absolutely smashes it in the film, his insults are both harsh and at times funny. This is less of a music based film, it is actually better seen as a war film between Fletcher and Andrew both physically and mentally.

This film is superbly acted and incredibly well directed, Damien Chazelle does an amazing job of capturing the pain and frustration of Miles character. The lengths in which Andrew goes through to reach perfection is insane, from punching the drum kit to playing so fast that his hands bleed. Eventually all of this leads to the most satisfying climax to a film I have seen ever.

There is a side to Andrews story that i found both intriguing and easy to relate to. The fact that he is constantly over shined by his brothers and that his family doesn't take, a subject that he is passionate about, seriously. You feel his anger when his parents favor his brother over him during a dinner scene that is extremely well executed.

This is the most intense and exhausting film I have ever seen, I am quite glad my drum teacher wasn't as harsh. I highly recommend everyone to go and see this film!


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