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I've already reviewed Fantastic Four, and voiced my opinion on it a lot since it came out—mainly because I'm in the minority that enjoyed it. Honestly, I didn't think it was such a bad film. The reviews make it sound like the equivalent of stuffing your face in garbage, but it's hardly a god-awful movie. It has tons of flaws, and clear editing problems, but I enjoyed its premise and the cast (especially Toby Kebell) was great.

But I'm not blind to the clear mistakes that Fox has made and is still making with this film. From issues issues with director Josh Trank (like him basically tweeting that he isn't responsible for the movie's poor performance), to re-shoots and blatantly obvious studio interference, this movie - despite only releasing a few days ago- has quite the track record.

Well, now we can add another weird moment to the history of Fantastic Four as according to a moviegoer, Fox is doing something rather...peculiar with their new film.

While attending a Fantastic Four screening, The Nerdpocalypse tweeted out that Fox was handing out surveys asking what fans want them to do with the franchise. Oh boy...

That's...that's really bad. I mean, it's clear that this movie was a huge loss financially for Fox, and it's clear that they're going to have to decide what they want to do next with the franchise. But creating a survey and asking moviegoers to help decide the fate of the franchise? That spells trouble, a whole lot of it!

Of course, we don't know what kind of questions are on the survey yet. Who knows what Fox is asking moviegoers regarding the franchise? It could be something small, like whether or not The Thing should wear pants next time.

Of course, there are questions that all of us are expecting and hoping are on the survey, should it come to our theater next. If Fox is asking fans what to do with the franchise, we can probably expect one, if not all of these tough questions.

Do You Want A Fantastic Four 2?

A sequel to Fantastic Four was already planned for a 2017 release, before the first film even came out. But now that Fantastic Four has come out, and to such poor reviews, it's unclear if Fox is still going to go ahead with the sequel.

I would love to see a second film, simply because I think it could be much smoother and better paced than the first one. There are certainly a number of storylines they could explore should a sequel be greenlit. I'd love to see the Fantastic Four go to space and face off against the Skrulls.

Or perhaps they could battle another foreign, oddly clothed tyrant, Kang the Conqueror! But no matter what they do with a possible Fantastic Four 2, I do hope that Doom -the original oddly clothed tyrant- comes back! He's still the coolest part of the first movie!

Do You Want A Fantastic Four/X-Men Crossover?

Another question that should definitely be on the survey is if fans want to see the Fantastic Four and X-Men franchises crossover. A couple of months ago, X-Men director Bryan Singer teased that a crossover was in the works, at least in the planning stages.

But recently, the producers of Fantastic Four have been slowly backing away from any and all crossover talk between the two franchises. I hope they do consider crossing these two film franchises together.

The Fantastic Four are in a heap of trouble financially, and what better way to keep them going than a crossover film with Fox's more successful franchise? We could see Wolverine battle The Thing, Invisible Woman take on Storm, and many other cool superhero clashes!

Or better yet, have them join forces to take on one huge threat. Apocalypse is already being dealt with, but there are other massive threats that could warrant a team up. That Skrull or Kang the Conqueror idea I had for the sequel could just as easily apply here as well!

Do You Want The Fantastic Four To Return To Marvel?

The question that most are hoping is on the survey. People have wanted the Fantastic Four to return to Marvel since the start of the MCU! Reed Richards and the gang were Marvel's first superhero family after all, and their first heroes since they changed from 'Timely Comics' to 'Marvel Comics'.

Personally, I'm not really sure how I feel about the Fantastic Four joining the MCU. Don't get me wrong, if it happens I will certainly be all for it, but I also wouldn't mind if it didn't happen. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is already really full! They have their whole plan mapped out from now until 2020, we may not even see the Fantastic Four appear until after that. If Marvel did get them back, I'm afraid they'd be sidelined and stuffed into other heroes' films. But like I said, if they did go back to Marvel, I wouldn't oppose it—only hope that they're incorporated nicely into the larger MCU.

Personally, I think my favorite option is the crossover with the X-Men. So far, the X-Men have been by themselves in the Fox Cinematic Universe. Having them join forces with the F4 would be a great next step for both franchises. There are enough heroes and villains in the worlds of both the X-Men and Fantastic Four to make a universe just as large as the MCU or DCEU!

Either way, the fact that this survey exists is a very bad sign for Fox. Usually, surveys aren't taken too seriously by studios. They're usually just used so that audiences can voice their opinion. But the fact that it's asking such a question, and so soon after the film's release date proves that Fox is really unsure of what to do with this franchise of theirs. Here's hoping they find out soon.

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