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Pixels is a great movie fit for the entire family to enjoy. I watched it as a double feature with Fantastic Four at our local drive in, and everybody around was laughing constantly and so grateful that the second movie was so much better than Fantastic Four (Click Here for my review). Pixels had a lot going for it, Adam Sandler was his same goofy self, Kevin James had some fun lines, and Michele Monaghan's character brought some grounded realism to the movie. However, there were also some moments that were just dull, the movie had some trouble getting into it's stride and started off slowly, but once it reached that stride it soared to great heights.

The premise of Pixels involves the United States sending classic arcade games into space, aliens find the game and take it as a battle challenge. The normal military keeps failing at saving the world from alien invasion so that President calls in three video game experts, Sandler, Josh Gad, and Peter Dinklage, to save the planet. It's a fun idea, and is executed pretty well, nothing about the film is deep or serious and won't make you think too hard, but its easy to relax and enjoy the film with all the laughs that go along with it. The film easily had to things that really stood out, the best and worst aspects of the movie.

The Best - Josh Gad

There wasn't a single moment that Josh Gad didn't make us laugh. He stole every scene he was in and made the movie that much more enjoyable. One of his best scenes involve him talking to a group of Navy SEALS and making jokes at their expense. The movie really hit it's stride when Gad's character was introduced, prior to that moment a few chuckles were given here and there, but after his introduction everyone in the audience was laughing out loud the entire time.

The Worst - Kevin James as President

Movies ask us to suspend our disbelief so that we can thoroughly enjoy the movie. It was easy to believe that alien's were invading the planet and masquerading as video game characters, what wasn't easy to believe was that in any universe Kevin James was a good choice for President. Every time you were reminded the position he held, you had to scratch your head a little and wonder how he managed to get elected. However, when a movie's biggest flaw is not believing the job occupation of one of it's characters it definitely did something right. There were a few small problems, mostly plot related, that brought the film down a little bit, but overall, Pixels is a laugh out loud adventure the entire time.

If you're looking for a good family movie to go to this weekend, Pixels is the movie you want to see. It's funny, it has a unique concept, and an all-star cast. If you need a little pick me up, or just want to enjoy a good comedy movie, Pixels is a great choice.


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