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The Spider is a recently planned series created by upcoming writers Dylan Bailey and Philip Brocklehurst (known or at the moment unknown for his books written under the pen name P.M. Thomas currently sold on Amazon), I speak to them on this unique potential series that takes everyone's favourite iconic superhero Spider-Man and does some new and exciting things.

Q: What influenced you guys to make this series in the first place and what inspired you both?

P: Dylan was the mastermind behind the original concept and has a strong idea of what inspired him to create it. I had read a copy of the original pilot script and was greatly intrigued by this new take on the character, I expressed an interest and offered my services to polish up the script, he was happy about that and we hit off, working together on developing the pilot and the series as a whole. Our goal is to make a fun show which sticks to the quirky roots of a comic that will have elements of drama to make an impact when the going does get tough. A nice change of pace from The Amazing Spider-Man which took things way too serious in my opinion and tried too hard to be like the Christopher Nolan Batman films which didn't work for a character like Spidey.

D: When I was in college a few years ago, I wanted to do my own take on Spider-man and at the time Spectacular Spider-Man was just for a lack of a better term "canned". So I wanted to do a love letter to not just Spider-Man but the entire Marvel Universe, but focusing on my favorite character; Spidey. That's what really influenced me and the The Amazing Spider-Man comics. I Worked on the pilot and outlined the series with a friend but he left and I Found Philip , so the rest is history.

Q: Looking at these scripts and season that you planned out [thank you for sending me them BTW] how many more seasons do you see going for the spider and will we see spider-man?

P: No problem, glad you enjoyed them, makes it all worthwhile as a writer. There are five seasons planned which will see Peter Parker and his alter-ego The Spider growing as a character, facing new challenges as an everyday kid and as an aspiring superhero, the things that happen will define him and see him no longer as a kid or as a spider but as a Spider-Man.

D: Glad you liked them. The Main goal is to have five twenty-six episode each seasons, during the seasons we see not just the education but evolution and transformation of this mature, dorky kid with ASD [Autsim Spectrum Disorder] finding his way to become the hero he falls into. As to when you will see spider-man himself, you'll see him by season five.

Q: Will we see Venom or Carnage?

P: There is an idea for Venom and Carnage, an original plan for the formula but I'm not certain if they will be in the show at the moment, it's early days. I think they're being saved for a possible movie spin-off. Fingers crossed on that.

D: Well What I Can confirm is that like Philip said, there is a plan in place, just don't expect to see Cletus Cassidy or Eddie Brock in the series. Again its still early days however you never know.

Q: What do you guys think of the MCU Spider-man writers Jonathan M. Goldstein and John Francis Daley?

P: Too early to tell for certain, they haven't left a big impression with their recent reboot/sequel to the National Lampoon's Vacation, but they did get positive reviews for Horrible Bosses so the fate of the MCU Spider-Man is uncertain for now but I have faith that they could do a decent job, I'm sure Marvel Studios will be guiding them along through the writing process to make sure their icon gets the movie treatment he deserves after TASM 1 and 2. I don't think any Spidey script could be as messy as the one for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in particular.

D: Not really sure, on one hand they have one good movie and not to many well receive ones at the moment. However I Trust Jon Watts and Marvel studios more so who knows. As long as its not crappy like TASM Films.

Q: What would you guys like to see and do you have a dream cast for your incarnation?

P: I would love to see The Spider get green-lit with Marvel supporting and backing it up to give fans the ultimate live-action Spidey show for the small screen which is just as grand as the big. With shows like Daredevil, Arrow and The Flash entertaining audiences, I think there is a place for Spider-Man as well on TV. Now, as for a dream cast I'm sure Dylan has one in mind. With me I tend to write the characters as that, never with a particular actor in mind, if I see one that fits the bill they would be hired, and with superheroes I feel that a unknown is better suited to give you the impression that they are that character rather than having a big name don the mask or cape.

D: What Philip said, actually I have a few people in mind for some roles, Like Emma Rigby (once Upon a time in Wonderland, Holylocks) as Black Cat, Alison Scagliotti (Warehouse 13, Stichers, smallville) as Betty Brant, J. K. Simmons as j. jonah jameson of course. Laura Innes (ER) as Aunt May, Jim Beaver as Uncle Ben (Supernatural, Deadwood), Ian Bailey (Once Upon A Time) as srg. Van Nelson Addler with Joe Morton (euREKA, T2) as Dr. Curt Connors and Osric Chou (Supernatural) as Jackson Connors, rest would be unknowns. The Way I like to discribe the Spider is think the humour of Misfits (UK Series) the humbleness of smallville and the action and character driven elements of season one of Heroes.

Q: Any projects you guys are doing and can you tell us anything about your Marvel universe?

P: I have several in mind, mainly books. I have currently completed my latest which I hope to publish soon and here's hoping, make into an independent film, it's an erotic love story full of all the right spices to arouse the readers while also moving them with its more tender and dramatic side. It tells the story of a passion between an older women who desires that ultimate romance with an 18 year old boy. The title at the moment is “The Woman and The Boy”

D: We get the Fantasic Four right and get away with a black Sue and Johny Storm. The concept art is done by my friend and amazing Concept artist Zack Clark who should be working for Marvel so all the designs for the most part is thanks to this guy also Iron-Man's been around for a decade when we start the series and Expect some fun crossovers, as to other projects; I'm working on a few original projects, both live action television series that's aim for the 18-49 demographic; one that's about Pirates vs, the four horsemen of the Apycolsype and one that is pretty much fallout meets X-Men with a steampunk twist, that we plan to kickstart when I Get a few more things in line.

Q: What is your dream project?

P: I have many, it's hard to pick one. One is certainly this, writing a script based on Spider-Man and having it made.

D: To many man, just to many. It is hard to pick; however Like Philip said this is a big one. it's my first ever adaption of a character and I Think it would be cool if that happen to become a reality.

Q: In Episode 2 you guys do something terrible to Gwen whose idea was it originally and why?

P: That was Dylan's, it may seem shocking when read and if it's filmed as such but there is a point to it all, it's part of Gwen's character arc and as the old saying goes, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, such is the case for Gwen.

D: It's a very real world senario for anyone. I'm sure there are plenty of people who have been in situations like hers. Maybe worst, however Gwen not only comes out stronger it is defently taking her into a different direction of growth. It's also surprisely a very Marvel kind of thing, Marvel has always been grounded more into the real world then say DC comics. So for us it was important to showcase something real world situation and the repercussions it brings.

Q: Speaking of Gwen, in a surprise to the fans, she ends up dating Flash and has aspirations to become a cop, what was the reason behind those choices?

P: It's all part of her evolution and character arc.

D: It's all part of Gwen's growth and the repercussions of her choices and everyone else choices. It's an all natural organic process and evolution for Gwen.

Q: So it seems Norman Osborne isn't evil like he usually is portrayed is there any reason for this?

P: I believe it's to make Norman stand out from the rest of the incarnations of the character, break familiar ground and show him in a new light where he isn't evil but actually a man who wants only the best for his son and his empire, but as events unfold, he becomes more and more over the edge until it turns him into something he is not, making him a villain under tragic circumstances.

D: Going to what i was saying earlier; this is a little more grounded more real world style. This Norman's heart is in the right place and being a workaholic does give off a darker impression of people, he becomes a villain under some heavy outside forces but a lot of them where by choice. Plus its nice to see a rich guy who isn't a douche you know?

Q: The Spider seems to go through a variation of different suits throughout the seasons, will we see him in the traditional suit.

P: It's a surprise, but I can say it will be a treat for fans what happens to Spidey in the final season, I'm sure it will be the moment they've been waiting for to end the epic show with a bang that will leave all satisfied.

D: Its funny because Kevin Feige took the words out of my mouth if we were to describe the spider-man suit. All I can say is that each suit design is A] comfy for the actors and B] gives a visual interpertation, on the evolution of Peter/Spidey, his internal/external feelings,etc. its build up and pay off and not ten minutes of "pay off", I'm looking at you Smallville.

Thank you for speaking to you both on The Spider, it's been a very insightful and fascinating talk. I wish the project and all your future projects the best. I'm sure this will be a huge treat for Spider-Man fans indeed and I for one wouldn't miss a single episode. And I'm sure all the Spider-Man fans would be tuned in to the same Spidey channel at the same Spidey time too.


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