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Fans got a glimpse at how different a movie Shrek could have been, after audio from one of original voice actor Chris Farley’s recordings surfaced online. Speaking to Yahoo, producer John Garbett said: "Originally the Shrek character was a little bit more like Chris, like a humble, bumbling innocent guy."

Farley tragically died in 1997, but it’s said that he recorded roughly 80-90% of his dialogue prior to his passing. Instead of hiring someone to finish Farley’s recordings, DreamWorks replaced him with Austin Powers star Myers, who has gone on to voice the character in four Shrek movies. Myers famously recorded his entire script in his native accent prior to demanding he re-record in a Scottish accent.

The footage shows one of the movie’s many conversations between Shrek and Donkey, and the scene shows flashes of a more vulnerable (and American) Shrek than would end up on the big screen in 2001.


Would you have liked this Shrek over the one we got?


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