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Shadan Syed

The 13th: A short film by Shadan Syed

The 13th is my latest short film project. I am an amateur filmmaker and this is my third short film to date. The film was shot over the course of five days on a budget of only $16.00 dollars (1000 Rs).

The idea for the film came to me when I was watching and reading the script for Christopher Nolan's Inception. A lot of the themes present in Nolan's thriller were inspirational to me while I was writing the script for The 13th. I live in a small town named Raipur City, were there are not too many options when it comes to casting for small budget films. The auditions soon started and my lead actors, Ayush Tiwari and Rishabh Mukim, agreed to play the roles of Aditya Mehra and Rahul Diwedi respectively.

The movie was primarily shot at an abandoned house in the middle of the city. It had basic lighting and a couple of fans. It was an ideal location, so we contacted the owner (who happened to be my lead's relative) and we were given permission to shoot on the property over the course of three days. Another location includes Cafe Junoon, a famous cafe in my hometown. It was an ideal location for the shoot as it had the exact lighting we wanted for the film and the owner was a complete badass. He is a movie buff and was very enthusiastic about our ideas. He allowed us to shoot there for two consecutive days and even acted in the movie in a scene at the beginning!

The story revolves around two ordinary people who are facing a tough time and manage to get stuck in a single room together. The circumstances require them to work with one another, but as tensions start to rise they slowly begin to get on each other's bad side... A mysterious package suddenly appears with a note, asking them to open the box and leave the room. But is escaping the room that simple?

The film's genre can be best said to be a "suspenseful thriller." It was shot on a single Nikon D3300. It was further edited in Adobe Premier Pro and music was provided by Kevin MacLeod and Ross Bugden.

Check The 13th in its entirety below:

I am very interested in hearing your feedback and would be grateful for any comments, reviews and constructive tips in the comment section.

Thank you for watching!


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