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In an interview for The Hollywood Reporter, DC's Legends Of Tomorrow showrunner, Phil Klemmer talked about the possibility of seeing Booster Gold on the show.

Booster Gold is Rip Hunter's father and one of the most importants hero of the DC Universe. Having him on TV would be something incredible. But it doesn't appear to be a possibility, at least for now.

“I wish I could tease a Booster thing but, you might have to wait a good long while at least on our show,” said Klemmer. “Perhaps Booster is being groomed for bigger things."

If Warner Bros is planning something big for Booster, it could only mean that a movie is on the way. Having Booster Gold on the DCCU would open a bunch of new storylines involving time-travel.

A few years ago, there was talks about a Booster Gold TV show on Syfy but it was seemingly on hold. And now, this project seems even more compromised with the rising of the DCCU and its Justice League movie on the way.

Even if I'd love seeing Booster Gold on TV, I would be fine with a movie. Such an interesting character deserves a live-action adaptation !


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