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This episode brings three RvB character favorites onto the screen for the first time, and with the exception of a certain shiny new tank their debuts aren't as exciting for their respective teams as they are for viewers.

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The episode wastes no time introducing Red Team's newest member, Private Franklin Delano Donut, much to the displeasure of his new teammates. Both Grif and Simmons quickly grow tired of their bright red compatriot, partly because of him donning Sarge's standard issue red(as only officers and recruits wear standard issue), and partly because having to deal with new people can just be a bother sometimes. This results in the two sending Donut off to "the store" to pick up some elbow grease and the ever iconic headlight fluid, both items that, for anyone who doesn't know, don't exist. Unfortunately for everyone, it doesn't seem like the grass is any greener on the other side of the canyon.

Both Church and Tucker are ecstatic about their new M808V Main Battle Tank, but not so much about their new soldier. Michael J. Caboose arguably doesn't look like much initially when compared to a tank though, to be honest. The character who would eventually become the favorite of many fans makes a relatively small debut, telling a completely uninteresting story from his transport to his new base at Blood Gulch Outpost Number Two, eventually stopping when Tucker tells him to "shut up", as he is "ruining the moment".

The M808V Main Battle Tank
The M808V Main Battle Tank

Both rookies haven't made very good impressions on their teams, but it's possible that things will change very soon, as the episode ends with Donut racing towards Blue Base, mistaking it for "the store".

Characters Introduced This Episode

  • Donut - Red(Soon to be Pink) Soldier, Red Team
  • Caboose - Blue Soldier, Blue Team
  • Sheila - Tank, Blue Team

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