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Hello! Today, I am giving my opinion on the saddest deaths I've seen in the MCU. These are the ones that made me cry in the theater as I was sitting watching the sadness on the big screen. (Spoilers follow for Avengers: Age of Ultron, so proceed with caution.....)

1.) Meredith Quill (Guardians of the Galaxy)

At the beginning of the movie, we see a young Peter Quill see his sick mother Meredith Quill. It saddened me to see the part when she died, but luckily my 3D glasses were covering the horrible red eyes I had after bawling.

2.) Skye (Agents of SHIELD)

While this isn't really considered a death, it still made sad when I thought my favorite character Skye would die after she was shot in the chest by Ian Quinn in the episode "T.R.A.C.K.S." But at the end when I found out Skye would be okay in that chamber, I was relieved.

3.) Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Towards the end where Ronan's warship starts to fall upon the city of Xandar, we see Groot make his body expand around the team. Rocket starts to cry and while I started to, Groot said "We are Groot" Thank goodness for those glasses, huh?

4.) Frigga (Thor: The Dark World)

After heroically saving Jane Foster from Malekith and Kurse, Frigga sadly died. It hit a spot in me, but I didn't start crying until her funeral start, and then I just let it out. Frigga was a very awesome character, and it was sad to see her go.

5.) Quicksilver (Avengers: Age of Ultron)

As sad as it was to see Quicksilver die after being shot multiple times by Ultron in the Quinjet, I see his heroic death as developing Scarlet Witch's character more. My reaction was as exact as hers, just not vaporizing Ultron drones. But, his name still lives on in Hawkeye's third child, Nathaniel Pietro Barton.

6.) Agent Coulson (The Avengers)

Now, I necessarily didn't cry me heart out, but it was a sad death for Coulson. After the release, I had seen many people wear gear that said "Coulson Lives". But, after Agents of SHIELD was first announced, we learned Coulson was still alive after being injected with a serum from a Kree alien, also known as GH-325.

7.) Captain America (Captain America: The First Avenger)

With Captain America as one of my favorite superheroes, I knew that he would have to land the plane to save the world. But the way Peggy was reacting just made me tear up a bit. I've talked to my friends about the saddest part of a movie, and they all say when Peggy starts to cry cause Steve won't be back.

Goodbye my love...
Goodbye my love...

This part on Agent Carter showed Peggy dumping the remains of the Super Soldier Serum that was left by Dr. Eskrine and was contained in a vial by Howard Stark. I guess she done it cause she knew she had to get over Steve's death. But still, it was a bit upsetting.

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