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For almost 30 years, fans of the beloved Evil Dead movies have been harassing and terrorizing both Director Sam Raimi and lead actor Bruce Campbell with the same question, "When will we get the next installment to the original Evil Dead Trilogy?" Both Raimi and Campbell have been wanting to do another movie for years, but they wanted it to be done right and until a good concept or script came along, they would wait. Well that wait is finally over. And to everyone's surprise, it's not a movie, but a TV series on Starz.

Why did Raimi decide to go to a series instead of a movie? He explained at Comic-Con in San Diego that after him and his brother Ivan Raimi got done with the script, that it was so big that it wouldn't fit into a normal length movie. So they decided to make it into a TV series where they can explore different scenarios and more story telling. And what better than Starz to pick up the series. Starz is one of the best cable networks that have very little to say about gore, sex and explicit content. Look at some of their other series like Spartacus. Spartacus, which also starred Lucy Lawless and will play Ruby in the Ash series, was known for its explicit content of orgy's and gore. I'm not saying that Ash will be having mass amount of sex, but you can expect dismemberment and blood by the kegs.

The plot to the series is that we pick up Ash after spending the last 30 years avoiding responsibility, maturity and the terrors of the Evil Dead until a Deadite plague threatens to destroy all of mankind and Ash becomes mankind's only hope. I mean he still works at a department store just like the one from the movies (remember S-Mart? Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart!). From the trailer it looks like he somehow, in his Ash like way, unleashes the evil again and him and a couple of co workers turn into a band of Deadite exterminators. They even showed him having the famous Nacronomicon, also known as "The Book of the Dead".

Sam Raimi will be directing the first 2 episodes of the 10 episode inaugural season. When asked how many seasons they expect Ash vs Evil Dead to last, Bruce Campbell asked the crowd at Comic-Con "How many do you want?". One fan yelled "10!". Bruce replied with "Your Freaking Nuts!". Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell both replied to saying that its the fans support that really dictates how long it lasts, so I expect it to be more like 5 seasons. I mean how many Deadites can you kill before you save the world?

Ash vs Evil Dead will premiere on Halloween, Oct 31st 2015 on Starz.

What do you expect from this series? Will it live up to the original Trilogy? Will it make it past the 1st season? Looking forward to your comments.


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