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Hussain Jaffari

Ok Bats Vs Supes is a major upcoming movie in 2016 and like a whole lot of people are super excited. But what will be the ending is the most interesting,mysterious and exciting part of the movie which we wanna know. Of course we don't know yet but hey we can always have a guess, so here are some of my guesses

Superman win!! or at least that what he thinks

There is a possibility that superman wins. He could somehow kill Bats or somehow defeat him like throwing him in space or whatever. But!! as we know that Batman always has plan or he makes one in seconds, what i am trying to say is that it will look like batman has been defeated but he somehow still survives like in The Dark Knight Rises we see the bomb detonating and we pretty much presume that bats is dead but what do you know that he somehow got survives. So maybe something same could happen in Bats VS Supes

Batman Wins!!!!

As it is obvious that batman will be using kryptonite against supes so it pretty much seems that bats has more of a chance to win. But of course he doesn't kill supes but puts him in a prison that is specially made for him.

They JOIN Forces!!

Well this is an option i support the most because this option suggests that both superman and batman join hands and no one dies. The reason of this peace could be the rising of another villain who can only be defeated if bats and supes fight together or the other reason could be wonder women, she could talk some sense of peace in bats and supes and she could also join. All this might lead to the formation of the Justice League.


Which option do you support?If you have other ideas, please share


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