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This past weekend Fantastic Four hit cinema's with a thud as only the fans of the franchise, it seems, went out to see their favorite foursome with only unanimous boos to follow the films ending, but why did it fail?

Before the start of the weekend analysts were speculating this film would do over 40 million dollars by Sunday, which is 15 million dollars below what the first Fantastic Four film did back in 2005. Was it the critics rating of 9% on that turned people away, or possibly Josh Tranks tweet disowning his own film?

Six months ago Fox released the first trailer to Fantastic Four to rave reviews, raising the bar and fan chatter to great heights. Since the trailers release Fox has done nothing but do everything in its power to sweep this film under the rug. Critic's didn't get to view the film until the week of its release, throwing up a red flag that Fox wasn't behind this project. Josh Trank, the films director, supposedly relinquished the reins to a Star Wars project which started rumors on the possibility that Fantastic Four wasn't as good as the trailer led on, so what's really going on?

Several sources say that Fox took the film from Trank about two-thirds the way into production and hijacked the edit, which is why the film had a great start which ended up going no where in the end. Other sources state that Trank is difficult to work with and acts like a diva on and off set. There is a lot of finger pointing going on between the studio and the films director but one thing is certain, the film is terrible.

After the release of Fantastic Four on Thursday night the film, to date, has grossed 26 million dollars with speculation that it won't cross 60 million dollars after it's run at the domestic box office. The film will have a tough time crossing the 200 million dollar mark at the international box office, possibly breaking even when considering that 120 million dollars went into funding the film and an undisclosed number went into advertising.

In the end Fox, Josh Trank's tweet, critic reviews, and word of mouth sank this film and any possibility that there will be a sequel or a tie in to the X-Men cinematic universe.

So what should come next for the Fantastic Four. Well, in my opinion, give it back to Marvel. After Phase 3, to my knowledge there isn't a plan. Most of the actors playing a significant role in the Avengers films will be finished with their contracts leaving the Universe with Spiderman, Winter Soldier, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and Doctor Strange. After Phase 3 bring in the Fantastic Four in one of the other stand alone Marvel films, bring in a new cast for the characters, and build up a new Avengers team along side them. If this happens, and Marvel gets the rights back, this also means Galactus would be in the MCU as well as Silver Surfer. In the end you have a new Phase 4 and a villain for everyone to fight in Avengers 4.

What do you guys think? Is this a good idea for the Fantastic Four to be back with Marvel? Comment below and check out the video for the 2005 Fantastic 4 vs. the 2015 Fantastic 4.


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