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I am looking back at this film because it was one of the first video games to be adapted into a movie. This movie came about in a time where many of the more popular games were inspired more by cartoons than actually story based experiences. I remember enjoying this movie when I was growing up. I was disappointed when the seemingly imminent sequel never followed.

There are many who reference this movie when they look back at the start of the long history of terrible video game movies that have been published. I thought this movie did a great job of re-creating a sense of the game with a strong dose of reality applied to it. The benefit to many of the details being left blank by the poor graphics of 8-bit systems, was that the director and producers could really add some flavor which they did.

There are some people who felt the clashing of worlds was not the way to go but I disagree. I think this is one movie franchise that could have become way more than a flash in the pan; however, the reason that all happened probably comes from the fact this movie might have been ahead of it's time.

The way koopas and the walking bombs were integrated into the movie was awesome. All the other kids I knew wanted those jumping boots. Did this movie turn out just to be a video game toy commercial? Considering the fact they did not keep going with it, I would have to say yes to that question.

Hollywood at this time was also experimenting with comic book movie adaptions since the success of Tim Burton's Batman and Batman Returns. One of the contending movies in theaters was Judge Dread, which was appropriately rated R. These films all dawned in an era when movie makers were discovering better ways to create special effects.

Super Mario Bros. the movie will always be a classic in my book. It really is too bad the children of the 1990's were deprived of more.


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