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Every season of The Walking Dead, one of the most asked question is "Who will die this season?". Here is my predictions by a 1 to 10 rating system (1 being most likely to die and 10 least likely). We are looking at main characters, not supporting characters. Who is your list going to be? Also add your reasons below your list for your top 3 you think might die in season 6.

Bambam's List:

1. Baby Judith

2. Father Gabriel

3. Morgan

4. Eugene

5. Sasha

6. Glenn

7. Rosita

8. Maggie

9. Abraham

10. Carol

As you can see I don't have Rick, Daryl, Michone or Carl on this list. That is because I cant see the writers killing them off anytime soon. As for my top 3, here are my reasons.

Baby Judith is expendable and having a baby in this environment and world is just too hard to avoid disaster. I expect something to happen, maybe not eaten by walkers, but die somehow. Its just inevitable.

Father Gabriel. There are 2 reasons why. First he is also expendable to the story-line and second, it seems that 2 kinds of people die often on this show, black people (Tyreese, Bob, Noah etc..) and The Greene's (Herschel, Beth, the rest of the family besides Maggie).

Morgan. We have been waiting for a while for Morgan to show up and finally we get him. Unfortunately from what Im seeing from trailers and info, that the town is going to be divided between 2 groups, Rick's group and Morgan's group. I expect when the town gets overrun by a horde of walkers, that Morgan will sacrifice himself to save Rick because Rick has a son to look after, as Morgan lost his son already and rather die for a righteous cause. Also see Father Gabriel for other reason.

Do you agree with my predictions?

What is you predictions for this upcoming season? What does you list look like?

Can't wait to see them.


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