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Hi Im an Artist and I Really Love Movies Especially Superheroes.I Always Follow the MCU and Cap Movies .My Favorite Holiday is Halloween So
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The Most Asked Questions About Marvel's Captain America Civil War Is Whose Side Are You On ?
As you know, There Will Be Two Main Teams/Sides: Team Captain America And Team Iron Man.
Joining Captain America (Chris Evans) On His Crusade Will Be

  • Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner),
  • Falcon (Anthony Mackie),
  • Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen),
  • Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) And
  • The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan).

While Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) Will Oppose Them With

  • The Vision (Paul Bettany),
  • Spider-Man (Tom Holland),
  • Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) And
  • War Machine (Don Cheadle).

As For Black Panther, He’s Going To Be Staying Neutral Throughout The Whole Movie. This Leads Me To Think That Black Panther Is In The Middle Of The Conflict Between Tony And Steve. Heroic Hollywood Also Suggests That One Of The Characters On Team Iron Man Is A Double Agent For Team Captain America.

So Now There Is Another Question " Can You Guess Which Avenger Might Be A Double Agent ? "


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