Bycraig ydolly, writer at

It was OK for all the bad reviews it got. What I liked about the movie it was way different from the last past ff movies. That was a good thing it followed more of the marvel ultimate comic fantastic four. Which I didn't follow to much I am really not a bigger fantastic four fan but I do like the team. I like the devolvement of the group the Thing not liking Reed Richards the Human Torch cool about the powers he's received the invisible women smart as Richards and doom was OK. I didn't like dooms outfit all all. The bad the movie was kind of dark like batman dark the devolvement of the characters and villian was decent I kind of liked the military involvment in the team and there training, but the final show down between doom and the ff was to short. I heard the director complain about fox executives cutting out parts of the movie like three action sences. And the movie feels short on the action. The director of the chronicles made this movie and his style is all over it with birdseye action shots that I wanted to see up closer. So I left the movie theater feeling that I didn't get jerked out of my money. But It wasn't better than ant man. I give it 2.5 stars. Maybe part two or the rumored fantastic four and xmen movie will make this team a Blockbuster hit DVD blue ray anyone.


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