ByMichael Heinrich, writer at
Michael Heinrich
and yet when when Superman beats Thor in a pretty even fight they scream he couldn't beat Thor he's a god and Superman is vulnerable to Magic so typical marvel fan wants it both ways. They are overpowered unbeatable boring characters until they face a Marvel character than there is no way they could win. Many DCs heroes are pretty cosmically powerful the magical ones much more so than Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern etc. but so are their villains. Braniac, Bizarro, Satanus, Mongul and others are a good challenge for Superman there are very few heroes in the Marvel Universe who could challenge them so that makes superman's stories exciting on a much more epic level. The Justice League level threats are even more powerful but not so much so that you would never believe the league could prevail in the end. Unlike say Galactus or Thanos whom every Marvel fan I know says simply can't be beaten. Spectre, Darkseid, Anti-Monitor are all insanely powerful and incredibly cool , but there is a way to prevail against all of them. And the non powered DC Villains usually face the non powered DC Heroes like Batman, Nightwing, Green Arrow, Black Canary which makes for compelling storytelling on a different level.

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