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Star Wars is arguably the most successful geek franchise today. While I prefer Star Trek myself, I cannot ignore the fact that there are some nuggets of wisdom to be learned from Star Wars - wisdom that can be applied in real life.

With Star Wars VII coming soon, let’s take a look at some important things we can learn from Star Wars in general.

"Do or do not... there is no try." – Yoda

This may very well be the most popular and repeated quote from the franchise. Master Yoda is the epitome of wisdom, and there is no doubt that this particular line has spurred many a Star Wars fan into taking that leap.

Moral: Just do it.

"Already know you that which you need." – Yoda

Another Yoda-ism, this life lesson hits home for those who face difficult decisions and can’t take the necessary step forward. Some of us may look left and right for advice – parents, friends, and even therapists.

At the end of the day, however, only we can make that decision. And, as Yoda says, we already know deep inside ourselves what we need/want. It’s a matter of acknowledging that in the face of complicated situations.

“Many of the truths that we cling to depend on our point of view.” - Obi-Wan Kenobi

Other brilliant minds have stated this concept, albeit in different words.

Our reality is our own. Our beliefs are our own.

They do not have to be the reality and beliefs of others. They usually are NOT the reality and beliefs of others.

Your truth may be different from mine.

Moral: Don’t expect others to see the world as you do. This will make your life less complicated and make you more tolerant.

“There’s no mystical energy field that controls my destiny.” - Han Solo

In simple words: you alone control your destiny.

This may be a point of argument for those who believe that one is destined to do something specific with his life, but again, one’s truth is not always the same as another’s.

For this particular point, I want to emphasize the idea that we all have a certain degree of control over what happens to us in life. While there may be external factors that affect our mood, our situation in life, our happiness, and so on, there is one thing we can control for sure: how we react.

"All mentors have a way of seeing more of our faults than we would like. It's the only way we grow." – Padme

One of the best things you can have in life is a mentor. He or she can be a family member or a friend. He or she can give you advice on personal, spiritual, or professional matters.

It doesn’t matter. What counts is that you have someone you look up to and respect, someone who can give you an outsider’s perspective – which is always a good thing to have as we often cannot see our faults.

Moral: Accept constructive criticism gracefully, and adjust accordingly.

"Never tell me the odds." - Han Solo

It may not seem like a reasonable life lesson at first glance – after all, you want to know what you’re going up against, right?

If you think about it, however, there can be more to this statement.

Perhaps the idea is not to dwell on the odds as it may affect the effort you put into your endeavor. That brings us back to the first lesson from Yoda – there is no try!

What have you learned?

These are but a handful of life lessons that can be gleaned from Star Wars. I am sure that if you do a marathon (for the nth time), you’ll find more. Make sure you don't forget to bring out your Darth Vader mask this time.

For now, off the top of your head, what are the most important lessons you’ve learned from Star Wars? Do share!


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