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Old school fan, mid 60's to mid 80's. A big fan of the artwork. John Byrne, Gil Kane, Neal Adams, Jim Starlin
Matthew Doherty

So, okay, maybe he’s not a household name, but Adam Warlock is THE cosmic avenger and possibly the only one who can stop Thanos. He also possesses the Soul Gem, one of the six Infinity Stones. You know that Thanos must be already planning ways to deal with Warlock. How could he not? He’s called the mad Titan for good reason but he is coldly calculating, for all his madness.

And Warlock? He has superhuman strength and speed, he can fly (even through space), and he can channel and manipulate cosmic energy. He has come back from death on at least three occasions and even used the Soul Gem to steal his own future self’s soul. (Check out “The Strange Death of Adam Warlock” in Warlock, #11, Feb. 1975) At one point, after Thanos had defeated the Avengers and Captain Marvel, Warlock came back from the dead and turned Thanos to stone with one touch. Talk about bad-ass!

Adam has always been one of my favorite characters because he is more than your average hero. He is a warrior-philosopher in the best tradition of the Japanese Samurai. At one point he tells a group of freed prisoners that he will not lead them. When they ask why, he tells them that he freed them to lead themselves, that following someone else is giving up that freedom and abdicating personal responsibility. Wow! That’s heavy!

And finally, HE’S ALREADY APPEARED TWICE IN THE MCU! Check out the cocoon in the Collector’s exhibition hall. (“Thor, The Dark World” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.”)

I say he needs his own movie in the MCU. What do you say?


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