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So I've played [Batman: Arkham Knight](tag:2683936) several times now, and although I love the fact they have included the events of A Death In The Family, However it frustrates me that they have used Jason as the Arkham Knight! I mean he could already be in the universe as Red Hood and he would be as badass as ever! If we are talking about Robins who need to progress in the Batman universe we need to think of Damien! I mean he could exist because Talia does mention spending a night with Bruce in Arkham City? eh? eh?

Whats his motive?

Well if you've read the new 52 comics or watch the animated film, Son of Batman, then you will be familiar of how defiant he is to his father Bruce. Although in the Arkhamverse, he wouldn't technically be a Robin as Tim Drake is the current Robin and I think they've done a terrific job with his character.

No, Damien would never have met Bruce but knows he is his father, and he blames Bruce for the death of his mother and grandfather, this would be his motive as he wants to get his revenge on Batman for not being more, and letting them die!

I personally think this makes sense a lot more than Jason, who could already have been a strong a developed character in the game.

The League of Assassins

Now, one thing that had me a little lost for words, is how the hell did Jason get the money, resources and influence to build an army of that scale, and get technology that advanced?! I mean who gave it to him? I'm sure Bruce would have noticed if money from his trust fund had gone missing?

Well I think here is another reason Damien would have been a stronger candidate, because as R'as and Talia are now dead, he would have inherited the League of Assassins and all of its resources! Now I know the League have a very traditional method, but Damien as the Demons Head could have changed this to blend with the modern times.


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