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Fantastic Four, or as the title spells it Fant4stic, is the latest in superhero genre. Or shall I say the superhero reboot genre. Which is quite a popular genre of movies nowadays, look at Spider-Man, Batman, X-men. All those properties have gone through significant changes to appeal to audiences of today. Some of them worked, some of them ... well, ended up like the movie we're talking about, Fantastic Four.

Me. Standing in 'Line' for the film.
Me. Standing in 'Line' for the film.

There are so many reasons beyond the turbulence that took place on set that factor into the poor box office results and highly negative reviews. Let's look into it shall we.

  • Weak/Dated Story

The Fantastic Four
The Fantastic Four

Started in 1961. Four individuals developed their powers after being struck by cosmic rays. Enter Reed Richards who becomes Mr.Fantastic, the leader of the group. Susan Storm, Reed's love interest, becomes the invisible woman. Ben Grimm, turns into a rock monster called The Thing. Johnny Storm, Sue's brother, becomes the Flaming Torch.

Those origins, sound awfully hammy, and dated. Nowadays, when I go into a film, I don't want to see a superhero's origin. I especially don't want to see a origin story that's as dull as this. The worst origin stories are the ones that are caused by accident or no motive, which is 95% of comic books. It always makes me wonder 'Hmm, what if these powers were instilled by accident onto other people? People who aren't good?' We do get to see that with Dr.Doom in this film, who's a supervillain who, also, is created by accident.

Dr.Doom in Fantastic Four (2015)
Dr.Doom in Fantastic Four (2015)

It's like these characters have no power of choice in the film. Don't get me wrong, the origin story works fine as a comic book, but not in film form. When characters have no outcome or control over the events taking place in the course of the film, the audience tunes out as they are watching weak characters, and Fantastic Four is full of those weak characters.

  • Josh Trank

Josh Trank, Director of Fantastic Four.
Josh Trank, Director of Fantastic Four.

Recently fired off of Star Wars, although he says otherwise (I mean who would want to work on the biggest and most popular franchise of all time? Not Josh Trank.) Known for directing Chronicle, the surprisingly well done found footage superhero film, Trank was brought in to revive the Fantastic Four.

Apparently from Day 1, there was unrest between Trank and the studio (20th Century Fox). Reports say that he was kicked out of the editing bay, the studio made him cut out action sequences, they rewrote the script right before production causing sets had to be re-built because of script changes. However Trank, is also known for being uber dramatic and a nuisance on set, and honestly I believe it. I mean look at the picture. Don't believe me? Look at his IMDB picture then. Go ahead, do it. I'm waiting.

You see? He looks like a douche? I personally don't care for that stuff, it doesn't matter a person is hard to work with,some of the best directors are hard to work with. But Trank's work this time did not help him out.

  • 20th Century Fox

Need I say more? Just that logo makes me cringe, because it has the word 'Fox'in it. Although known for providing some of the biggest hits ever, they also have a history of meddling with comic book films. Just google 'Watchmen and 20th Century Fox.'

  • Young Cast

The new cast is pretty young.
The new cast is pretty young.

Look at these people. Look at Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan's faces. They look so smug. I wouldn't trust these guys to save the world. The reason the whole story, the whole goofy story around this team works, is because of they're age. This rings true mostly for Reed Richards, the whole point of that character is, that he IS that old and has accomplished nothing apart from being a nerd.

The film starts off with an incredibly young Reed Richards, in middle school. IN MIDDLE SCHOOL, he discovers inter-dimensional travel. 'Why isn't he at MENSA already?' Then, 7 years later. He's still doing that experiment, where some scientists recruit him. In a High School. In a friggin' HIGH SCHOOL. The most important person who came to my High School was a dentist, and mind you, I went to a pretty nice school.

So there are just so many eye-rolling factors in this script that directly correlate to the fact that this cast is incredibly young. It's nonsensical. Now, if Reed Richards in his mid 30's discovers inter dimensional travel, and then someone tracks him down, that makes much more sense.

  • Pacing/Editing

As a video editor. This film could've been much shorter, with a rewrite of the script as well. I'd be lying if I said, the second half of the film is not slightly fun. Because it is. The film should've began at the one hour mark, where we see Reed Richards on the run and hiding. The Thing tracks him down and takes him back to a secret facility.

My English composition teacher would always say 'Start your story late and end it early.' Makes a lot of sense, as it gives the audience to play catch up and piece together a puzzle.

If the film had begun where I think it should've began, so many questions would've been going through my mind.

  • 'Why is Reed on the run?'
  • 'Why is Ben after him?'
  • 'What did Reed do?'
  • 'Where's the rest of the team?'

Already a much more effective and interesting opening to a film and story.

Those are my reasons as to why I hated the film, this is one of the worst films of the year. Because it commits the sin of being absolutely useless, and shows us how dated the source material is. No one asked for a Fantastic Four film, not a single person. Hell, even Fantastic Four fans didn't want to see a Fantastic Four film. This film makes everyone look bad, the cast, the studio and the director.
I did go more in depth with my review, which you can check out right here. I'd appreciate if you watch it, and of course subscribe. :-)

Thanks so much for the read everyone. Remember to love yourselves people.



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