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Pretty Cool Costume huh?
Pretty Cool Costume huh?

I believe it was early spring when it was decided Spider-man would be welcomed back into Marvel's loving arms and into its Cinematic Universe. But who would don the costume was the question. Many ppl on twitter made Miles Morales the biggest trending topic on twitter the second a Spider-man reboot was in the works. However the powers that be went with Peter Parker again, claiming they wanted to get Peter Parker right. Many ppl rejoiced at the decision while others were disappointed. Dread not Miles Morales supporters, cuz he may just swing by tv and/or silver screens very soon.

This article will explain why i believe Miles Morales will not only be a part of the MCU but a big part. So without further ado here we go!

Captain America Civil War

Parker's Choice

Now the end of the Civil War in the next Captain America movie may not actually decide Miles' fate as much as what happens possibly in the middle of the show. It will come down to a decision by everyone's favorite webslinger Peter Parker.

Just like in the comics, Peter Parker will side with Iron Man's side in the movie. Now for those who do not know what exactly is Iron Man's (Tony Stark) and Captain America's (Steve Rodgers) argument in Civil War, here is a quick tidbit.

In the comics it dealt with the new warriors trying to capture super villians in a house in Connecticut while on a live feed and camera's rolling. However a villian named Nitro escaped and released this charge of energy that killed most of the new warriors except Speedball and a school full of elementary students, 300 i believe it was. This forced the registration act for Superheroes to be registered as weapons of mass destruction and to be unmasked. Plus to basically serve as the government's henchmen. Iron Man agreed and recruited some heroes to side with him. Captain America did not agree and got some heroes to side with him too. The two engaged in battles that ended with many deaths of heroes including a major death. One i would not spoil.

This time around in the MCU i believe the registration will be made after what has happened in Avengers Age of Ultron movie or something else entirely. Still less than a yr away, maybe the Agents of Shield will show that pivotal moment in the comics or they will stick with what happened in the 2nd Avengers movie. Either way Tony Stark will feel guilty and responsible so he will be all pro-registration and recruit Spiderman (Peter Parker) as their poster boy.

I am pretty sure just like in the comics, when Spiderman is revealed to be Peter Parker, a young teen boy, its open season on him and for those he cares about. Which would probably bring on the Sinister 6 as revenge for Spiderman always foiling their plans. Led by the one and only Norman Osbourne AKA Green Goblin. Its the only logical sequence. Eventually it may take time to get this Sinister 6 to come together but trust me its bound to happen. Leading to the death of one spiderman and the beginning of another. I will give MCU's Peter Parker at least two movies and maybe a cameo in the Sinister 6 movie still to come in the near future. Peter's decision in Civil War could lead to his demise and Miles' rise as Spiderman.

Daredevil Easter Eggs

Can i just say i love this damn show and Charlie Cox deserves an emmy, the show deserves an emmy but they won't get one. Bullshit politics of those damn award shows like the Emmys and the Oscars. It is what it is. Smh

Daredevil has become a very popular show for Marvel after the debacle of its movie predecessor more than a decade ago. During my binge watching of this show i noticed a few things that were thrown into the show. A few easter eggs, mentions were thrown in an episode of Daredevil. For those who watched Daredevil, you know exactly what the hell i am talking about.

Daredevil season 1 Episode 10 Nelson V Murdock. A very pivotal episode for characters. The aftermath of Foggy Nelson, Matt Murdock's best friend finds out about Matt's alter ego, the crime fighter of Hellz Kitchen. Through this episode they go through many flashbacks detailing the origin of their friendship and how it blossomed to a bromance of sorts to what it is now. Also what event triggered Matt's alter ego. Through that episode they bring up their time as interns at Landman and Zack.

A moment in time in which they along with other lawyers, were protecting a client named Exxon Energy from an old man with a breathing tank and one lawyer. It seemed like shady business BS from Exxon Energy. Anywayz the name is associated with Miles Morales and his journey as the new Spiderman. Exxon Energy is pretty much what Oscorp was to Peter for Miles. So that details one easter egg, a major easter egg in my estimation.

This is the second easter egg that i saw in this episode or actually heard. This scene was the pivotal moment when Matt wants to quit Landman and Zack after handling dealings for Exxon Energy. He wants to protect the little guy from their towering, powerful, and shady bullies. Foggy agreeing with Matt quits too. Both agreeing to start their own law firm as defense attorneys.

Its the dialogue in which Foggy speaks about talking to someone, a co-worker named Morales about their job opportunities. Now the Morales name drop was not so much about Miles Morales directly as it was possibly about one of Miles' parents. Now i had learned a while ago that both Miles Morales' parents are lawyers in the comics, so thats another egg for Miles Morales appearing in the MCU but before that possibly on Daredevil. Simply visiting Murdock with his parents or wanting to learn how to box from Matt. It could happen.

Kevin Feige

President & Producer of Marvel Films

Now the fact that Peter Parker is the current spiderman in the MCU does not mean we may never see Miles Morales as Spiderman. As Stated here by Kevin Feige the producer and President of Marvel Films.

"I mean, we always felt it should be Peter [Parker] because we've never seen the MCU version of Peter Parker," Feige told MTV about plans for Spider-Man. "We felt like we needed to see that first. Miles, I think is awesome. I think there are opportunities for him for sure if this all works."

Closing Statement

In closing, the evidence states that Miles Morales could actually be a part of the MCU in some way. I hope in a big way as Spiderman and possible Avenger. For those who don't want Miles as a future spiderman and their only argument is because he is "politically correct spiderman".... Please stop being ignorant and close minded. Times are changing and ppl for real its not like they are making Peter black like they did with Wally West in DC so get over it.


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