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Today happens to be an Avenger's birthday, and he is one of my top favorite Avengers! Chris Hemsworth turns 32 today, and I think that we should all give him a hearty "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!" Since it is his birthday, I decided to do a review on my favorite of the two Thor movies, Thor: The Dark World.

Overall, I loved this movie. It had a few shaky moments in it, but a lot of it was great. They were able to help connect the storyline to what was going on in the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also, for the most part, the characters were also amazing!

Let's take a deeper look into the storyline and characters of this movie, shall we?

I loved how they addressed how Thor was in New York during the Avengers. He would be hard to hide, so I was glad to see how it is the first thing that gets mentioned when Jane sees Thor again.

This part makes me so happy....
This part makes me so happy....

Once again, just like in all of the MCU's movies, they keep their facts straight. They try to keep all of their movies put together. This is one of the top reasons I love Marvel so much.

Something that could have been done better was the storyline with the villain, Malekith.

I love Christopher Eccleston. He played the Doctor in another one of my favorite TV shows, Doctor Who. Since I liked him so much as the Doctor, I really looked forward to seeing him portray a Marvel villain. However, he wasn't that great. Maybe it wasn't necessarily him on his own, but perhaps just his storyline. Overall, there wasn't anything astounding to his performance. He was a mediocre villain. Nothing to write home about. His motive was simple. Malekith just wanted the universe to be as it was in the beginning.

But then we have this guy.

Oooooo....he just makes me want to punch that little pretty face of his. Loki is the king of mischief, and he does it extremely well. I consider him one of the best villains in the current MCU because he played with my heart. I never really liked Loki, but then in this movie he made me like him. He tricked me into trusting him.

He made me cry.

However, he is in my two favorite scenes of the whole movie. The first one is where he and Thor are flying the elves' ship. It was a typical sibling argument, and being one of three siblings means that I can definitely relate to this ordeal.

Marvel also gave me a short little cameo of my favorite superhero of all time:

Loki is great, and evil. Now, his character has become even more interesting. Loki ends the movie with pretending to be Odin, and Thor doesn't notice. Will we see this play out in Thor: Ragnarok? I guess we will just have to wait and see!

Jane Foster and her slapping was my favorite part of the movie. A girl after my own heart, but I hope I could be at least a bit better at pretending to love Thor. This was a common theme between both movies. The chemistry between the two wasn't strong enough at all. If anything, it was extremely awkward. However, I will say that her overall performance was better in this movie! This is another reason that I like this movie better than the original. She felt a bit more normal than in the first Thor.

We also get to see a little more of the new and mature Thor. He gets his own character development.

The old Thor would have just thrown his hammer onto the table, and would think nothing of it. However, our new Thor just hangs it up by the door. I laughed so hard at this point. It was a great addition, and this movie was great at showing us this new Thor.

When it comes to the main point of this story, the Aether is what is at the center. This, as we now know, is one of the Infinity stones that is coming out to play later. This shows us what is to come. This matter had the power to cause space to do the wielder's bidding. Just think what is going to happen if Thanos gets all of his stones back.

The suspense is killing me.

Overall, I did love this movie. I believe that Thor will have some sort of role to play in the rest of the Infinity Stone storyline, and I can't wait to see what happens. Also, what will happen when we see Loki again?

Or what about this fellow?

Did you see him in the credit scene? Whatever happened to him? It would be interesting to see him pop up randomly once more.

But, that is enough about my opinion. What did you think?


Did you like Thor: The Dark World?


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