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I think In Descendants 2 they should have Maleficient try to Take Matters into her own hands with evil queen,Cruella de vil and Jafar to help, since their children turned against them they have no choice.So they Go into the forest and find what they've been looking for , and they break through the barrier when its time.Mal has been trying to adjust to being good. Malefircent and her crew Plan not to take the wand this time but to use what they have found against the headmistress and belle and the beast and Mal and Ben.Mal has been trying to adjust to being good.She has to fight her urge to be evil.For it could return like creeping shadows when its becoming night.Maleficent is in control and Mal's Controlled to be her partner but Mal's not giving up, every one she loves and cares about is enslaved she must fight for Evie,Jay,Carlos and Ben and every one else.She Encounters Ben and when they lock eyes Ben is freed from the spell, for he see's good in her eyes. He trys to convince Mal that she's under a spell.Mal brings Ben to Maleficient and Mal is forced to go up against The ones she loves Ben.I guess the ones you love really do destroy you.(Hold on)Then Mal uses her powers and lifts Ben up in the air and chokes him.Ben Sqeezes out the words "I love you".Mal's eyes return to normal for a split second as she listens his grip with the power of her Green eyes.Then they return Green again and she slams him against the wall.Then lets go of her magic grip on Ben.Ben says to Mal"I know your good"then Mal raises her voice and says "No im not I'm Evil, thats all i will ever be!" Then Ben says as he comes closer to her "I know your Good because i can see it in your eyes".Then Mal's eyes started switching back and forth between green and Blue and Ben continued and said "I know this because i'm listening to my heart".Then Mal turns her head in agony and Ben says "I love you Mal do you Love me too"?Mal looks into Ben's eyes and she's freed from the spell in that instant and she replies"Yes".Maleficent screams in agony and says "This isnt over yet, You will not defeat me!" Mal and Ben must Defeat Maleficeint and get back what makes all things good and Could save everyone, Can they do it or will Malefiecient have control forever?


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