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Jordan Aguero

dc has a phase one slate of movies from 2016 to 2020 also announcing ben affleck as batman for a reboot trilogy. what would spice things up for phase 2 is a killing joke live action movie it would sell tickets, comic book fans will see it and be like take my money, it would be a stand out. and with jared leto it would be a great movie. and with this cast, director and writer(s)

the cast:

the joker: jared leto

batman: ben affleck

alfred pennyworth: jeremy irons

barbara gordon: holland roden

jim gordon: bryan cranston

writer(s) alan moore

jared leto and christopher nolan

director: wes craven

if he looks and sounds familiar he directed these movies

the scream franchise

nightmare on elm street (1984)

and new nightmare


do you think think this killing joke movie will be great


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