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For the longest time I've been telling everyone that if Mortal Kombat was made into a series of films with today's technology, it would more than likely be the next big franchise in Hollywood. Even along the ranks of the Transformers or Fast & Furious movies. According to many reports, James Wan (the director of Furious 7) is on board for the Mortal Kombat reboot, coincidentally. So the reboot is already heading in the right direction. I'm going to list five more things the reboot should do to ensure its success though.

5. Good Casting

In the first two Mortal Kombat flicks, I'd say the characters were pretty well cast overall. But today I'd like to see plenty of unknowns taking on the popular characters like Scorpion or Liu Kang. Maybe a few well known actors could be sprinkled on too. But it doesn't need to be over done with an all star cast. That's just my opinion though.

4. Don't Remake the First Mortal Kombat Movie

Mortal Kombat (1995)
Mortal Kombat (1995)

The first Mortal Kombat flick was very reliant on the basic story from the first games. And I don't really mind if they do the whole tournament thing again. But if they went that route, in a way it'd just be a remake of the first movie. I'd much rather them either make up their own original Mortal Kombat story, or alter some of the story that's already been created.

3. Fighting

Of course a movie based off of a fighting game needs to have decent fighting. No, I take that back. A movie based off of a fighting game needs to have incredible fighting! I honestly need to leave the theater asking myself if it had the greatest fighting sequences ever. It may be a lot to live up to, but this is Mortal Kombat we're talking about, right?

2. New Characters

Rain Mortal Kombat
Rain Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat isn't just Scorpion and Sub-Zero. You've also got Rain, Noob, Smoke, Tanya, Sheeva, Kenshi, Chameleon, and MANY others! So, since this is a reboot I'm expecting them to not just have the focus on the most popular Mortal Kombat characters, but also on the lesser known characters as well.

1. Don't make it PG-13, We Want a Dark Tone, and Fatalities!

Since the very beginning of Mortal Kombat way back in the early '90s, it's been known for being absolutely relentless in the killing department. And it's kept that impression throughout almost every game. So they'd miss the mark almost completely if they under did the killing! The tone of the movie also needs to be pretty dark. We know the Mortal Kombat universe isn't necessarily a great place to live in.

I'm absolutely positive that if this reboot is done right, Mortal Kombat will be the next big franchise is Hollywood.


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