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Recently, the third attempt at making a The Fantastic Four franchise hit theaters with mostly negative responses. Most critics hated it, but the main reason for the negative attitude is because of how 'rushed' the climax felt. If you overlook that (and how much Fox supposedly cut out) the movie was not entirely bad.

Here are five ways 2015's reboot of Fantastic Four was better than 2005's Fantastic Four.

1. Reed and Ben's relationship

In 2005's Fantastic Four, there was not much focus on Ben Grimm (the Thing) before he gained his abilities. It made it harder to grow feelings for the character. In 2015's version, a lot was shown of Ben and his relationship with Reed.

Their relationship became a vital sub-plot to follow throughout the movie as they grew as friends and eventually turned on each other. It also made us feel something when Ben turned into the Thing because of Reed. We felt sorry for what had happened to the characters we had watched grow up as friends and hoped for a resolution to their conflict.

2. Government interactions / reactions

One big thing 2005's Fantastic Four lacked was interaction with the government. There were a couple scenes with police going to arrest members of the team, then stopping, but that was the extent of it until the sequel. The 2015 version brought forward plenty of interaction, including government recruitment, which is a very realistic factor we did not see in 2005.

This interaction even created a bit of tension between the characters, such as Sue and Johnny, over how their abilities should be used, if at all. It also created an enormous sense of relief when the team finally followed their own rules instead of being bossed around.

3. Higher stakes and a legitimate threat

The climax of 2005's movie was not nearly as drastic as the climax of 2015's version, even if the latter was a bit rushed. In the older movie, there was not much doubt over whether or not the team could defeat Doctor Doom. In the newer version, there were doubts everywhere because of Doom's immense (and partially exaggerated) amount of power.

The new movie brought forward death, destruction and the possibility of the world ending. It made the actions of the team feel more important than in the older version. The threat was larger and the stakes were higher, invoking fear and worry in the audience.

4. Better effects

Though there were a few weak moments, the special effects of 2015's Fantastic Four superseded those of the 2005 version with the help of better technology. One big thing was the depiction of the Thing. 2005's Thing was a legitimate costume while the newer version is completely CGI, which may seem bad at times, but it also enables the filmmakers to do more with the character than they would have been able to do before. Besides, special effects with this character always seemed a bit rocky anyways. *rimshot*

5. A dark, sci-fi atmosphere

Unlike most superhero flicks, 2015's Fantastic Four brought forward a major sci-fi element without being set entirely in space. It brought forward the concept of other dimensions, as well as more insight into their cosmic, superhuman abilities.

It was also rather dark, which is rare in movies. To many, it was a welcome change from 2005's family-friendly Fantastic Four. It added more intensity to the movie and at times put people to the edge of their seats.

Looking at all these facts makes 2015's Fantastic Four seem less like the bomb it was made out to be. It was not anywhere near the perfect movie, but it was not entirely bad. It featured many good elements that its predecessor did not.

I also wrote another article about 5 ways 2005's Fantastic Four was better than 2015's version. You can view it here.

How else was 2015's Fantastic Four better than the 2005 version? Comment below, and thanks for reading!


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