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#1 Jaylon Chavez-Silver was shot in a drive-by shooting, and a friend called 911

As Esperanza Quintero frantically talked to the dispatcher she inadvertently let out a curse word, and the dispatcher figured vulgarity warranted hanging up.

#2 Matthew Sanchez, the 911 operator, has come under scrutiny for his quick trigger

The 911 call portrays Esperanza pleading with her friend to hang on, and although an ambulance was dispatched, assistance can always be helpful.

#3 Admittedly the response to one question was a bit over the top, but one cannot blame her for panicking

Esperanza responded to the question of whether he was breathing by saying "he's barely breathing, how many times do I have to f*cking tell you?"

#4 The dispatcher gave a callous response

He essentially told the girl to deal with it herself because he was not going to, and with that she heard a click.

#5 Remembering Jaylon

Hopefully this is a warning to all 911 operators that thick skin is required and people are not always polite when faced with imminent tragedy.

R.I.P Jaydon Silver


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