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In 2016 we are going to be blessed with not only another Resident Evil but another Underworld! If we look at the two franchises there is one big similarity (which is probably why I love both)....the main character is a bad ass super-model-superhero that can't be stopped.

Now, lets just think for a moment about movies like Freddy vs. Jason, Batman vs. Superman....even Marvel movies like the Avengers. Our favorite heroes (and villains) are always being pitted against each other on the big screen. Just for a second lets pretend that the heavens have opened up and an Alice vs. Selene movie is in the works. I don't even think I would see it because I would die of happiness the moment I heard the news! Anyway, enough geeking out. Who would win?

What does Alice bring to the table?

1. She's a top level security agent trained by Umbrella.

2. She has super human strength and agility.

3. She, occasionally, has mind powers that allow her to not only control other people but can control fire and inanimate objects.

4. She rocks the "cat suit" perfectly

What does Selene bring to the table?

1. She's an immortal.

2. She has super human strength.

3. She's....immortal lol.

4. She also rocks the "cat suit" perfectly.

Now, we know why they are so bad ass but they also have weaknesses. Alice is human, Selene can't be in daylight, etc. How would it go down? I envision something like the Jill, Rain and Alice battle at the end of Resident Evil: Retribution...but with a storyline of how the two cross paths and why they are battling. Presumably, knowing both characters, are they battling over a guy? Did one just piss off the other? Neither are known for their good tempers, its hard to say. Maybe, just maybe, they pull a batman vs. superman and put their differences aside to fight their common foes....


Who wins in the Alice vs. Selene battle?

Who do you think would win?


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