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With Arrow Season 3's ending, we weren't left with many hints as to what direction the show will take in it's fourth season. Arrow fans are hopeful the show will come back strong after what many believed to be it's weakest season by far.

After Season 3's finale, Oliver had hung up the hood and apparently retired. Team Arrow is still operational within a new facility, Malcolm Merlyn is now the new Ra's Al Ghul, and Oliver and Diggle's friendship is on some seriously shaky ground. Arrow Season 4 has had it share of rumors for quite some time now, so we've put together our top 5 best theories for the upcoming season.

Watch Steve and Scott go over the top 5 theories in the video above, or if you're not the video viewing type read the blogged out version below:

5. A New Big Threat will cause Oliver to Return

Oliver returning as the "Green Arrow"
Oliver returning as the "Green Arrow"

Despite how season 3 ended, we already know Oliver will return. This time around Oliver will adopt the name "Green Arrow" and don a costume more true to the comic book character. However, Ollie was pretty set on leaving this life behind so something is going to have to draw him back into the vigilante lifestyle.

Look for a serious threat to arise and threaten someone close to Oliver. It is rumored that H.I.V.E. will be making their appearance as the big bad this year, so expect Thea or Laurel to get held captive, forcing Oliver's return to the hood.

4. Constantine Will Be in Season 4

Constantine had its short run on NBC and will not be returning. Arrow's Stephen Amell has made it clear that he wants to resurrect Constantine by making him a character on Arrow. Amell even went as far as starting a social media campaign with the hashtag .

While having John Constantine appear on Arrow would be bad ass, we don't think he fits in enough to be a series regular. His supernatural element just doesn't flow too well with Arrow's grounded storyline. That being said, it doesn't mean we won't see him. There's the possibility we may get treated to an episode or two where Team Arrow seeks the help of John Constantine to defeat a supernatural foe. The CW has nothing to lose with this, and if positive fan reaction is received, may even be able to resurrect the series.


Since this article was published, John Constantine has been confirmed to appear in Arrow Season 4. See John Constantine actor Matt Ryan's Tweet below:

3. Thea Will Feel Long Term Effects from the Lazarus Pit

It's known that a side effect to the Lazarus Pit's healing ability is insanity. After Thea was initially dipped into the Lazarus Pit, she came out kicking, screaming and suffering from severe amnesia.

Thea may be dealing with more of her demons in Season 4. Imagine Thea loses control and accidentally kills or threatens to kill an enemy or fellow teammate in a fit of rage. We saw a glimpse of this after the Lazarus pit brought her back, plus this type of story arc would be nothing new for the series (remember Roy and the Mirakuru in Season 2.)

2. Lyla will be the Season's Big Death

Every season of Arrow has a big death. We had Tommy in Season 1, Moira in Season 2, and Sara and Maseo in Season 3. Season 4 will definitely have a big death and we're betting on Lyla.

Although Lyla is a lower tier character in the Arrow series, think of the effect it will have on Diggle. Lyla's death will drive Diggle to the edge which leads us into our #1 theory...

1. Diggle Will Become Something More

Diggle, The Guardian?
Diggle, The Guardian?

It's been rumored that Diggle will be getting a costume in Season 4 (finally.) The original rumor from a few months ago was that Diggle was actually John Stewart, the 3rd Green Lantern. This rumor was shot down by The CW and now the big rumor is Diggle will be The Guardian.

Diggle has been around since the beginning of Oliver's crusade. Last season Diggle saw loads of action in the field, but was still the only character without an alter ego. The time is way past due for Dig, and The Guardian seems like a good fit for the former marine.


Who do you think Diggle will become?


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