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Anyone who's seen the trailer for Batman V. Superman knows that Robin will be featuring in the DC Extended Universe in some way. But who will play the parts of the various Boy Wonders? Well, here's who I would like to see play them.

  • Dick Grayson/Nightwing - Jake Gyllenhaal/Danny Shepard

Jake Gyllenhaal seems to me like he could have the right kind of snark to find the role of Dick Grayson, Age 12, but I felt the urge to include Shepard after watching the fantastic Nightwing: The Series. I felt like Shepard's portrayal of Grayson was mostly spot-on, plus he does have experience with the character, which could be a good thing or a bad thing.

  • Jason Todd/Red Hood - Jensen Ackles

Do I need to explain why I think this would be an excellent choice? Anyone fimilar with the near-perfect film Batman: Under The Red Hood knows that Ackles knocked it out of the park when portraying the bitterness and anger that Todd feels toward Batman, the Joker, and just the whole world in general. Not to mention the fact that he looks around the same age as my fan casts for Nightwing, which fits into the general timeline. (Not the New 52 timeline. That crap's just weird.)

  • Tim Drake/Red Robin - Logan Lerman

Lerman has had some good parts in the past, and he looks like he could around Tim Drake's age. I thought he dd some decent work with the Percy Jackson films ( even though they were some of the worst adaptations outside of an Uwe Boll movie), and I just overall think he would do a decent job.

  • Damian Wayne/Robin - Asa Butterfield

Who would do a good job as the psychotic nutjob son of Batman? That kid from Hugo, obviously. Butterfield was also rumored to be the next Spider-Man, so the idea of him as an actor in the superhero genre isn't unheard of. Not to mention, he's a good actor. He was great in Ender's Game, and he proved in Hugo that child actor's don't have to suck. Plus, he does look a little some some different sketches I've seen of Damian in the past.

Now, I am just going to end this article with the two female Robin, Carrie Kelley and Stephanie Brown, who I think ought to be played by Chloe Moretz and Emma Stone, respectively. I think Moretz would be a good fit for Carrie Kelley because like Butterfield, she proved that in the exact same movie that child actors aren't the worst thing to happen to cinema since Uwe Boll, she played a suerheroine twice before in the Kick-Ass movies, and she looks a little like Kelley in The Dark Knight Strikes Again, which I know is a piece of crap comic, but you need to age sidekicks sometimes when you make a superhero adaptation. Heck, just look at Robin in Arkham City. From pop-culture punchline to kickass BAMF in one cutscene flat. And I think Stone would be a good Brown because she looks around Lerman's age, she has experience in the superhero movie genre, and she's a good actress. And yeah, Stephanie Brown's probably not going to get her, what, three issues as Robin that she had the comics in the DC Extended Universe, but we could see Spoiler show up.

So that's my picks for the various Robins out there. What are yours? Comment below, and let me know.

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