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Everyone is all about listening to bands no one has ever heard of, so what about movies no one has ever heard of? Here is a list of movies that came out in the 70's and if you haven't seen them yet, then YOU NEED TO!

Number 1- Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975

Dance and sing with Janet and Brad as they enter the mansion of a sweet transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania named Dr. Frank-N-Furter! He'll take you up to the lab and show you what's on the slab! Along with his henchmen- Magenta, Columbia and the lovable Riff-Raff! It's full of sex, rock-n-roll, monster creations, and absolute pleasure! They see you shiver with antici.... PATION! So GO WATCH IT NOW!!

Number 2- Phantom of Paradise 1974

This one I'm sure is unknown to many of you and I myself happened to just stumble upon it one day. This isn't some rock-n-roll version of Phantom of the Opera mind you, it's a whole gruesome tale of it's own! Winslow Leach is a songwriter and big shot producer Swan turns Winslow down. Soon after Swan steals Winslow's music and passes it off as his own. Seeking revenge Winslow breaks into Swan's office but is caught and sent to prison for "drugs". Winslow however gets free, but this time when he goes back his face is smashed in a record press! Dawning himself with a horrendous burn on half his face. To hide his ugly, Winslow dresses himself in a costume and Swan imprisons him to forever make music for the Paradise. But of course love comes into the story and now Winslow wants to breakout not only for himself, but to also help the love of his life breakfree. It truly is a haunting romance, THAT YOU MUST GO SEE NOW!!

Number 3- Young Frankenstein 1974

This is by far the best movie by Mel Brooks. It is all about the life of a Frankenstein descendant who is trying to do anything to not be like the infamous Dr. Frankenstein. However once a will arrives, the young Frankenstein must travel to old Frankenstein castle. In doing so he, as fate would have it, falls right into place with an Igor, (pronounced Eye-Gor), as his minion, and a creature that needs to be given life! This one is definitely a comedy that will rip at your sides with word play, slap stick and dark humor. Well what are you waiting for? Someone to die?? GO WATCH IT!!

Number 4- A Clockwork Orange 1971

WARNING! BE CAREFUL WHO YOU WATCH THIS WITH! Because you are about to get very uncomfortable, but you have to keep watching! This is not your typical movie, it is the definition of taboo. Masterbation, sex, rape, drugs, alchol, milk- everything that you talk about behind closed doors is now up on the screen in your face! This is not for the fate of heart, but if you're really into movies and you really want to be able to say you've seen this- then YOU'VE GOT TO GO WATCH IT!!

Number 5- Chinatown 1974

Make sure your bladder is empty and the snacks are abundant for this one! This movie shows us why Jack Nicholson is such a greatly admired actor and inspiration. In this 1920's inspired era, a private detective named Jack, (Jack Nicholson), is hired to expose cheating husbands, or wives. However he soon finds out that he was hired by an imposter and let's just say that from there everything goes wrong and the plot seriously THICKENS! From beginning to end you have no idea what's going to happen, but don't worry with an ending this intense, you'll be satisfied. So GO WATCH IT!!

Number 6- Suspiria 1977

This movie will have you messed up night and day! Not only is the story line instransing but the soundtrack is spectacular, and will have to be on a future list of best soundtracks. In this crazy tale we follow poor Suzy as she tries to better her dance career by attending the pristine Germany ballet school. Once she arrives everyone she makes contact with is mysteriously murdered! Something is going on at this school and something is seriously up with the headmistress! The only thing more terrifying than the last 12 minutes of Suspiria, are the first 92! Are you brave enough?? GO WATCH IT AND FIND OUT!!

Number 7- Monty Python and the Holy Grail 1975

Now you may have heard of Monty Python the comedy sketch, but did you know that they actually made a movie? Well if not, then now you know! It basically is about King Arthur and his search for the Holy Grail and along the way he picks up knights to join him on his quest. But if you know anything about Monty Python then you know how random, unconventional and how outrageous things can get! Are you ready for a good laugh? THEN GO WATCH IT!!

Number 8- The Stepford Wives 1975

You may have heard of the newer one with the fabulous Nicole Kidman, but did you know that there was one before her? This is definitely the darker version of the two. Joanna moves away to beautiful Stepford, and along with ally Bobby, (another wife in town), they try to discover what is hidden in the shadows and creeps around corner's in this odd town. Do you want to know the secret of Stepford and the Stepford wives? Then YOU GOTTA WATCH IT!!

Number 9- Rock-N-Roll High School 1979

Do you love classic rock-n-roll? More specifically do you love the Ramones?! Well if you do, then you're not a true fan until you've seen this movie! After skipping school to go see a Ramones concert, obsessed teen, Riff, gets the Ramones to come back and take over their school and get rid of their new principal who does not approve of Rock-N-Roll. In the end, the students rule the school and things end with a bang! Are you too cool for this school? GO WATCH IT NOW!!

Number 10- The Wizard of Gore 1970

Think you're a fan of gore? Not until you've seen this feature! Do not watch if you have a weak stomach because things will not go well for you. Beware if you attended this magician's show because once you're on stage your mind and body are his! Prepare for the buckets of blood and pounds of guts! Can you handle the madness of this magician? GO WATCH IT NOW AND DON'T FORGET A BUCKET FOR YOUR GUTS!!

Alright that's the end of the list! There are plenty of other GREAT 1970's movies that I'm sure no one has heard of, but these are just a few that come to mind first for me! Got a suggestion? Write it down! And go movie-educate yourself on the ones listed above!!


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