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Like many people this weekend I didn't see Fant4stic. Mainly because I want the IP back under the protection of Kevin Feige and his personal wizards at Disney/Marvel Studios and because I don't want to waste my money on a subpar product. In saying this Fox will most likely still make the sequel and still reboot it too keep them away from the MCU even if it continues to open at 26 million. But still audiences vote with their wallets so we should see what it means.


This could be an Interstellar screencap.
This could be an Interstellar screencap.

Look at the picture above this. What does it lack? Colour, Fun and being just Family Friendly enough for you to take Little Timmy to. These are all qualities seen throughout the MCU in recent years and have become hallmarks of the Marvel brand. DC may still be pushing dark movies but there style of Cinematic Universe hasn't been established yet so they can do it. Not to mention the fact that Nolan reinvented DC as the dark one out of the big two. Even Fox's X-Men may be dark in subject matter but never feel that way in tone. That can probably be contributed Bryan Singer and the tone he set for the universe that all the films (even the bad one's) have managed to stick too. Fant4stic could very well mark the end of dark films carrying the Marvel name.


'Doctor Doom'
'Doctor Doom'

We all thought we were beyond this. The days of Catwoman being Egyptian magic (or whatever that was) and Galactus being a giant cloud. This film proves that Fox will still defecate over probably the greatest villian in comics and Marvel's first family. The last five years has proven that Comicbook movies are improved when they stick to their source material and take their creators seriously. This is a lesson Fox is slowly learning and will probably follow too the point after Fant4stic.


Fox was able to make the Tim Story Fantastic 4 movies profitable without nerd support but 2007 might as well be the studio system compaired to now. The internet is where a large amount of Teenagers and young people (the target audience for a superhero blockbuster) get their information. Fox can't afford to ignore the Chris Stuckman's of the world especialy when they are only two clicks away. Marvel Studios are great at viral marketing as is DC. All you have do to is release some good pictures and the internet does the rest. Fant4stic didn't have any press shots of the costumes released or set pictures of Dr Doom. This lead to them assuming the worst. It may not be fair but that's how the internet works. Fox needs to learn this.


Like many people I am in favour of diversity in film on a case by case basis. For me it made perfect sense to cast an African American in the team. This blew up in the productions face with people crying foul even though Michael B Jordan is one of Hollywoods fastest rising stars. It's failure is a message to the suits that we don't want diversity. It's a hiccup at best and a step back at worst.

In summary. Fant4stic's failure can mostly be attributed to Fox's mistakes. It's effects on the overall genre of comic-book movies is still too be seen.


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