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"Gore Orphanage" is the latest offering from horror director Emily Lapisardi, who also worked on the absolutely glorious film "Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies" (starring the late Rowdy Roddy Piper and Olympian/WWE champion Kurt Angle, no less!).

The film draws upon the local Ohio legend of Gore Orphanage - a supposedly haunted ruin near the city of Vermillion where dozens of children were violently abused and ultimately murdered. On top of this the film intertwines the the real life child murderer, Mary Bell into the story.

Add to this violent mix the Wilber family - who occupied Swift Mansion for a short period - and who conducted seances to contact and communicate with the spirit world and the elements were all set for an urban legend to be born.

The legend comes to a violent and bloody conclusion when a fire is set at the orphanage, which blazes through killing dozens, if not hundreds of children and their maids - whose ghosts now haunt the ruins.

The sight has since become a paranormal tourist attraction, as well as a local hangout for brave local teens, with people claiming that they returned to their cars to find handprints belonging to small children pressed over the windows and others reporting a dark shadow and evil presence lurking in the area.

It is this violent backdrop that we meet young Nellie (Emma Smith) a nine year old child who is sent to Gore Orphanage after he family dies during the Great Depression.

What follows is an incredibly creepy and often disturbing horror film supported by a relatively strong cast including Maria Olsen and Bill Townsend - both of whom excel in this film. Another strong point is that despite the name, this film is surprisingly short on the gore - relying instead on developing a creepy and foreboding atmosphere to draw the audience in.

If you can forgive the obviously Indie nature of this film, and the problems that go with it (and you really should) it provides you with a disturbing experience, supported by creepy characters and several really strong scenes which are sure to stay in your mind long after the credits roll.

The film won the award for Most Anticipated Horror Film of 2015 from Horror Society, and it's fair to say that this film certainly lives up to their expectation.

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