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Crowned Prince Addonnis.
Crowned Prince Addonnis.

The first official Ximphonic Veresus Q&A:

The fans have been so amazing, and i'm truly grateful that they took time to submit the questions about the series. Lets get started with the Questions!

  • Sabre

Sabre: Are you going to have a basic Latin translation section or dictionary for some dialogue, Or other languages that are used?

Xing: Yes their is a translation guide for Latin, and the other languages used by the various nations in that world. Now and again though the translation will not be in english, some words and or phrases are just that way. Overall readers will be able to translate and understand what is wrote in the book.

Sabre: An equipment index for all relics, symbols or swords etc?

Xing: Yes that is something that is already in place and as the series goes on more will be revealed.

Family tree available? Creature index?

Absolutely! Those are aspects of the worlds details that i wrote out many years ago. Readers will be able to read about every Royal family, and non royal that are part of the story. I have Other details in connection with the characters lineage, i will bring out at a later date. And yes the creature Index already exists, and although no has seen any of the creatures from their world it has been a very good reason not to unveil them yet. As they play very important roles in the series, that is all i can say for now.

Countess Concerto.
Countess Concerto.


Joanie: When does Addonnis learn about the swords and the powers they each hold?

Xing: Addonnis has known of the swords all of his life, they are such a main staple in the myth and lore of this world. What i can reveal is something has happened to the swords, and something is changing in their world. That is all i can reveal now please wait for more information to be released in the near future.

Joanie: Is Addonnis the only Prince or Royalty that can awaken the swords and possess the power each one holds?

Xing: (LOL) That is a very good question, no he is not the only one. And that reason alone leads to more complex matters in the story as it unfolds. His connection to the swords is very deep both symbolically and literally in the story, as it also represents a much larger aspect of his true role.

Joanie: Who has the power to restore the Flower of Fate, and how??

Xing: That is something i can't get into right now, because of how far reaching it goes in the tale. Rest assured those details will be revealed in time and once the story is released episode by episode more of that will come to light.

  • Norrin:

Norrin: Are the swords sentient?

  • Xing: What i can say, is the swords are such a focal point of everything in the story, especially in connection with Addonnis and his true role. Aspects of the story will be given away if i put out a simple answer (LOL) Please wait for more to be revealed on the swords in the future.

    Norrin: Is the story being written as ongoing, or do you know how it ends?

    This tale is not ongoing, it has an ending, and the ending has already been wrote. The entire story has already been wrote out over the 20 years. What takes so long is the art, and the many years it took to create the look and feel you see now. The ending is something i hope will satisfy readers as it's very climatic.

    Norrin: I know that there are other series being developed in this universe. Are you writing all the stories, or guiding their direction?

    Xing: Yes i am writing and create each individual series. My goal is expand that in the future with artist and writers who can understand my visions and i will help guide the direction on those series.

    This has been truly wonderful, getting to answer these great questions from readers! Ill answer the next set of questions this week on Wednesday.


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