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If the disturbed children's scribblings of hangings, demons and brutal murders in Sinister didn't send a chill down your spine, then maybe you have a touch of Bughuul in you yourself, but probably not as much as the real-life kids who created the demented artwork in this post!

As the images below prove, there is nothing quite as unsettling as an innocent cherub sketching heinous acts of bloodshed, especially because it helps us to understand who, or indeed what, has infected their delicate psyches with evil.

Just hangin' with the family in Sinister
Just hangin' with the family in Sinister
Mr. Boogie the fire starter in Sinister
Mr. Boogie the fire starter in Sinister

Below is a collection of drawings by some real life small fry who might just have some big issues, and if viewing the collection doesn't make the idea of demonic possession seem a bit too real, you clearly haven't seen as many horror movies as me!

14. Rot in Hell

This unholy offering from a six-year-old in detention is a burning reminder of how creepy little cherubs can be.

13. Leprechaun Bloodlust

As a big fan of the Leprechaun franchise, I have the expertise to inform this young dreamer that killing this Irish trickster might be harder than he thinks. Sorry, kid.

12. The Slumber Slasher

I think it's time for mom and dad to start locking the bedroom doors.

11. Tomb Raider

Graham might be a realist when it comes to mortality, but that doesn't make his scribbling any less chilling.

10. Invisible 'Friend'

I've always found children with invisible friends unbelievably sinister, and I don't think this little girl is a very good judge of character.

9. Surreal-ial Killer

Would you rather be bludgeoned to death by brass knobs from a homicidal door or erased forever by a murderous pencil?

8. The Bare Bones of Life and Death

Well, she isn't lying...

7. Manic Mouse

The demented grinning mouse inexplicably growing out of a leg might disturb you, but trust me that's the least of your worries...

I would be more concerned about the brutal pen stabbing action that centers around that benign smiling face. Who knows what's going on in this tiny lunatic's head...

6. Speed Freak

I suspect that this child's eyes are unfocused because he needs an exorcism...

5. Towering Terrors

What's a crazy big tower without its very own 'suiside door'?

4. Bike Died

And Alex's bike rusted away alone in the garage forever and ever.

3. Heart Extraction

When a child is casually vivisecting the monster from his closet in drawings, it might be time to worry about his psyche.

2. Bludgeoned into Oblivion

Just so you don't get too concerned, this child's father drew the 'From Hell' graphic novel so she learned about brutal violence from his drawings and not domestic abuse.

1. Flesh Eating... Everything

I don't know what's more concerning, the fact that everyone is being eaten or that George W. Bush is there. Could this be Bughuul's true identity?

Sinister 2 hits cinemas on August 21, 2015

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