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When you think of Mickey Mouse and his band of furry friends, you probably think of Disneyland, magic and fun-filled times. So I was pretty surprised when I came across some vintage Disney comic strips revealing that things were not all rainbows and smiles within the House of Mouse.

If you think Disney is just full of Princesses who can talk to animals, enchanted roses, glass slippers and a few witches thrown in between, then think again! Of course, there are heaps of famously dark moments throughout the animations, but Mickey sure is an unexpected character to turn so dark. Amazingly, behind the mischievous facade of Mickey Mouse lies a troubled and sinister mouse which I think may just blow your mind!

5. Mickey Mouse gets high

This surprising comic book was released by Disney in 1951. In this bizarre and hilarious strip, Mickey and Goofy discover a new medicine called 'Peppo' and cause some mischief along the way.

Well, things sure got out of hand quickly...

Mickey soon finds himself a new, drug dealing career

In the world of Disney animals can talk, but I am pretty sure Mickey is hallucinating here:

4. Mickey spirals down a suicidal path when he thinks that Minnie is cheating on him

Picture this: It's October, 1930 and the Great Depression has pulled a blanket of misery across the world. How does Disney respond? Well, they chose the most non-uplifting topic possible, namely Mickey being totally depressed. The cartoons were born from a collaboration between Walt Disney and the writer/artist Floyd Gottfredson:

Mickey's first suicide attempt

Thankfully, Mickey comes to his senses... for a moment anyway.

Mickey tries to drown himself

Well Mickey can't die cold, can he? Time to think of another way!

Mickey's second suicide attempt

If only Minnie knew how much she was hurting Mickey (literally).

Mickey then tries to gas himself

But eventually he comes to his senses... well, almost

He isn't giving up just yet on leaving this 'cruel' world!

Thankfully, his animal friends save him once more and he finally sees sense.

Aw, poor Mickey! I am glad he survived his troubled times!

3. Daisy Duck looses her mind

Mickey isn't the only suicidal animal in the realm of Disney. A noose, a gun, some alcohol and a dagger? Daisy is not messing around here!

Take a look at the disturbing and upsetting video!

2. Mickey beats up a cross-dresser

The character of Kat Nipp was reintroduced in 1931 in a sequence of the Mickey Mouse newspaper comic strip, "Mickey Mouse vs. Kat Nipp." The character reoccured until the 1930s and then was fazed out.

The most shocking moment of all!

Mickey loves to push Kat Nipp's buttons

Mickey has a real vendetta against his neighbor.

Mickey is doing his best to be better than his rival

Wow, Mickey is a rude little Mouse

I wonder if Minnie would approve of his antics.

1. Mickey Kills a Goat

I am sure PETA would boycott Disney if they saw this!

Disney just got even darker than I ever thought it could get. This other face of Mickey is pretty shocking, right? It's no wonder that these comic strips have become quite legendary and not widely known.

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