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If you've ever wondered who really is the most lethal man in cinema, then today is your lucky day!

The website Movie Body Count has been studiously noting down all of the people who have been shot, stabbed, bludgeoned and cremated by our favorite action heroes, and they came up with a neat list of the most deadliest men in the business.

Of course, counting the fallen foes in movies is no mean feat, so lets keep our knee jerk reactions about the lack of Chuck Norris (I know!) to ourselves and outline the rules for counting a death.

1. No Body, No Death!

If you can't see a body slumping to the floor, it doesn't count as a kill. Simple.

2. Mass acts of destruction don't count

Of course thousands of people died when the Death Star exploded, for example, but there is no way of knowing the true amount of casualties, so these deaths can't be added to the tally.

3. Remember that all kills are subjective

To some counters, a man falling shot might just be injured, to some he is a goner. All kills are subjective, so the numbers you read on various websites will often differ wildly.

So, without further ado, I present to you the 15 men in Hollywood that you definitely don't want to cross.

15. Ray Stevenson (Around 149 kills)

14. Bruce Willis (Around 157 kills)


13. Will Smith (Around 158 kills)

12. Christian Bale (Around 161 kills)

11. Jason Statham (Around 182 kills)

10. Wesley Snipes (Around 193 kills)


9. Clive Owen (Around 194 kills)

8. Jet Li (Around 201 kills)

7. Nicholas Cage (Around 204 kills)


6. Clint Eastwood (Around 207 kills)

5. Tomisaburo Wakayama (Around 229 kills)


4. Dolph Lundgreen (Around 239 kills)

3. Sylvester Stallone (Around 267 kills)


2. Chow Yun-Fat (Around 295 kills)

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger (Around 369 kills)


Which movie badass were you surprised didn't make the list?
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(Source: Movie Body Count)


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