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The new Fantastic Four movie has been released to not so grand reviews. I say to leave right after it says "One Year Later". Almost nothing good comes after that. But that doesn't mean it was a complete failure. Many of the aspects in the movie are very good. It was just put together very poorly. Particular the entire third act. So here are my reasons on why this Fantastic Four reboot needs a sequel.

The actors would be given a chance to expand on their characters

One of the good aspects about the movie is the cast. Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell did what they could with the material they were given. They all brought a nice touch to their characters and even though sometimes they didn't make sense (How did Reed get to Panama without being seen if he couldn't control his powers and why Panama of all places and why did he even leave?) The actors still shined through and make you want to see them in the classic blue costumes. Miles Teller is a fantastic Reed Richards and plays a character we really haven't seen him play before while Kate Mara does her best with what little she got to do and still brought out a interesting character that you could see becoming The Invisible Woman (Some of the ways she looks at Miles really can tell a story of where they could end up in future films) all the while Michael B. Jordan easily pulls off the cocky and lovable Johnny Storm and Jamie Bell does what he can do with what little screen time he truly has. These actors are what made the movie.

Exploring more of the science behind them and their universe.

The movie did a good job establishing how scary science can truly be when stupid decisions are made. The true horror of their powers was something I never thought of when I thought of the F4. It is a cool idea that unfortunately didn't get enough screen time. In future films they could really delve into how scary their powers really were. Maybe Arrow style flashbacks to them learning to control their powers. What if more people get powers? How would they deal with it? Maybe introducing the Future Foundation? The possibilities are endless!

Introducing the effects of Planet Zero.

Dr. Doom was treated...horribly in this. Victor had good beginnings but the pay off was too rushed. But that planet must have had some more dangers to be discovered. What if there was life on it? What if the gate gets opened again? This idea could lead to many more familiar faces coming into this universe. Silver Surfer and Galactus possibly. What if there was a bigger reason to why the kept being transported to that planet. We could find out in a sequel. Even the idea of another dimension could put the Fantastic Four into space where some of the best stories of them were told. The possibilities are endless.

All of the great Fantastic Four villains/ characters that could be introduced.

With how poorly Dr. Doom was treated and received sent the message to Fox to hold off on the character for a while. Every FF movie has had Dr. Doom be the villain. Which makes sense I mean he is one of the biggest and best baddies of all time but them always giving him the spot light has alienated the rest of the FF's great Rouges Gallery and characters. Mole Man, Namor, ANNIHILUS, Galactus, Mr. Fantastic himself could all be used to great extent in a sequel.

Building upon the backstories

How was Sue adopted? Why didn't Reeds parents get him? Where is Ben Grimm's dad? All of these questions were left open. In the sequel they could build on all of their stories and even show the falling out between Doom and the government. So much was left open that it would be criminal not to explore it.

Those are my reasons on why the new Fantastic Four reboot needs a sequel. Do you agree? yes or no? comment below and tell me why!


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